When will CAMINO de SANTIAGO OPEN again?

Now is not the time to walk El Camino de Santiago because it remains closed. But when will it open again? 2020? Or 20221? With many parts of Spain in lockdown, all the hostels, hotels, alberges and other shelters are shut down on all roads and paths into Santiago de Compostela. Will they open again in September?


Cancelled trip or journey? Keep the dream alive for someone wanting to travel their camino with a little gift of support to assuage their disappointment. Read about the 2020 closure of El Camino de Santiago and the shattered hopes of would-be pilgrims and our offering of symbolic gifts to pass on your best wishes and encourage your friends and loved-ones to continue striving to achieve their dreams. Keep the faith, don’t give up, and continue striving for your goal is the message