Camino Finisterre necklace - with heart


Camino Finisterre necklace - with heart ATA01182

A gift for inspiration . . and caring

Skillfully made by silversmiths in workshops close to Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, northern Spain, this beautiful sterling-silver Camino Finisterre necklace features an open scallop shell. (The scallop shell is symbolic of the Camino de Santiago). In addition, there is a tiny silver heart, symbolising affection.

The 1,000-year-old pilgrimage to the shrine of St. James in the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela is known as the Way of St. James (El Camino de Santiago - in Spanish). Every year, some 200,000 travellers journey along this Camino, by foot or by bike, from all over the world - often seeking inspiration and/or deeper spiritual understanding.

:)- Gift-Wrapped

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:)- Optioal nformation card about the Way of St James (free)

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If you want to wish your friends or colleagues well and show them how much you care about them, let us send this symbolic present on your behalf. It is the ideal gift for any special event / occasion, particularly for someone starting out on a new adventure in life - like a new job, travelling afar or even beginning retirement.

Dimensions: The open scallop shell measures 26mm in length (including the hanging bail) by 21mm in width. A tiny sterling silver heart nestles in the gap at the top of the shell. The necklace is finished off with a gorgeous sparkly 16" diamond cut ball chain. 18" and 20"options are also available (choose in Option Box)

The Way of St. James criss-crosses Western Europe, arriving at Santiago through Northern Spain. Modern travellers choose to do the Camino for personal, spiritual and/or religious reasons - or simply to take time out from their busy, modern lives. For many, the walk is to find inspiration - improving their outlook on life, bringing them into closer contact with nature and expanding their cultural horizons through contact with other pilgrims. Everyone experiences the journey in a different way.

Gift this lovely scallop shell necklace to inspire a good friend or loved-one. A truly meaningful gift. Comes gift-wrapped, like all our presents - and we can print a personal message on your behalf.


More information about Spain's Concha scallop shell of St James - La vieira concha de Santiago


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A gift with special symbolic meaning Camino Finisterre necklace - with heart Close-up of our Finisterre shell with tiny heart nestling inside Information card can be sent with the gift The tiny heart makes this Camino shell a little more special Camino Finisterre necklace - with heart Camino Finisterre necklace - with heart Beautiful sparkly diamond cut ball chain