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. . a unique lucky seahorse necklace

This necklace is something rather special and unique. Not only is the seahorse a symbol of good luck, this piece of jewellery is reminiscent of lazy sunny days on the shores of the sea - away from the hubbub of life . . it has a definite feel-good factor. Help make a friend or loved-one feel happy and send them your best wishes for good luck with this sweet seahorse necklace.

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Description: Our pretty seahorse necklace consists of a sterling-silver seahorse charm that measures 22mm in length including the hanging ring and a set of turquoise and Aegean coloured Mediterranean ceramic beads and sterling-silver ring beads, on an 18" sterling silver snake chain. A 20" option is also available: Please choose in options box.

The Seahorse is a truly magical creature with many positive attributes. Despite its diminutive size, the Ancient Greeks thought it a manifestation of Poseidon, the God of the sea: Assured in its strength and symbolic of patience and contentment, it is unperturbed by the commotion or hubbub around it. Many islanders, sailors and others who make a living by the stormy sea, consider the Seahorse a very lucky charm.


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So this lovely seahorse necklace reflecting the blues of the sea would make the perfect gift for someone travelling, attempting something new (or making a new start or new beginnings like going to Uni) or for any occasion that might require a measure of patience and good fortune. (Or even a present for a person that just loves the sea and seahorses!)

Ships gift-wrapped in a stylish presentation box. If you wish, we can print a personal message on your behalf on a gift card and include it in the presentation box. We can also ship direct to your friends / loved-ones' address if you want. This is all INCLUDED in the price.

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