About the Good Luck Gift Shop

We are a family-run business with ecological and environmentally-friendly ethics, and spiritual faith – and we sell gifts with meaning (particularly jewellery). We established our business in Spain over 10 years ago (and we have a shop in the UK), and we developed a number of websites along the way: Some of the sites are a bit old now, which is why we built this, our latest shop. But the old websites contain a great deal of information about our gifts, and the culture behind them, and they still form part of our group:

This is our Indalo Camino / Good Luck Gifts group:

Good_Luck_Gifts   Good-Luck-Gifts

This was founded in 2011 as a central source of information about the Indalo symbol, The Way of St James, and Spanish lifestyle in general. Our products were (and still are) specifically designed as gifts to pass on inspiration and good luck – especially with the Indalo amulet / talisman of Almería . . and the Scallop shell / St James cross jewellery of the Camino de Santiago, Galicia. The Indalo is a large part of the culture of Almería, as is the Scallop shell of Galicia and Asturias along the Camino de Santiago.

Indalo_Mart_logo   Indalo Mart

Another of our early websites, this was founded for people that would like to show their support, encouragement, appreciation or affection to a special person in their life: Gifts for caring, sharing and inspiring . . presents that can be used to offer your support, your help, your encouragement and appreciation; gifts that pass on congratulations, and gifts with soul that have that special and magical feel-good factor.

Indalo_Talisman   Indalo Talisman (Español)

Lo mejor sitio para descubrir información sobre el Indalo de Almería, España, y productos / regalos / dijes Indalos. Indalo talisman de Mojácar y Almería – amuletos, joyas, adornos, encantos, dones, y dijes de la suerte.

Indalo_Art   Indalo Art

Our very first website 🙂 It’s still going strong – although rather old now, and creaking around the edges!

And, of course . . we have our:

 Indalo_Camino_Good_Luck_Gift_shop   Good Luck Gift Shop central store which is common to ALL of our websites.

Good luck gift shop Spain

Despite selling principally jewellery, we are also a gift shop – that means all our products are shipped:

* Gift-Wrapped

* With an Information Card about the item, and

* With your Personal Message printed on a gift card (if desired)

This is all included in the price of the item.

We can deliver gift-wrapped presents to you, or we can ship them direct to the gift recipient.

Good luck gifts Spain