Meaningful and Religious BIRTHDAY GIFT ideas

Religious birthday present? Lucky birthday gifts to wish good luck? How do we best say Happy Birthday to someone special? Surely it has to be something meaningful – a present to wish them luck perhaps for the coming year, or a religious birthday wishes gift.

A birthday is the anniversary of the birth of a person (a best friend, wife or husband, boy or girl, him or her) – or even an organisation. Birthdays are celebrated in numerous cultures, often with birthday cards, a birthday party . . and birthday gifts too.

In our ♥ SHOP  we have quite a few gifts suitable as birthday presents especially religious birthday gifts, and birthday presents to wish someone good luck over the next 12 months.

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Religious birthday party

Good luck wishes on a birthday

Many religions commemorate the birth of their founder or a religious figure with a special holiday (e.g. Christmas). But in many parts of the world, an individual’s birthday is celebrated with a specially-made cake, usually decorated with and the person’s name and/or age. In classical Rome, cakes were occasionally served at the birthdays of important people. These were flat circles made from flour and nuts, a bit of yeast, and sweetened with honey. These days, the cake is traditionally studded with the same number of lit candles as the age of the individual, or a number candle representing their age. The birthday boy or girl usually makes a silent wish and attempts to blow out all the candles in one breath. If successful, tradition says that their wish will be granted. In many cultures, this wish must be kept secret or it won’t be able to come true! The early Greeks and Romans thought that candles had magical powers – the heat of the flame carrying up their wishes and prayers to the Gods above. And ancient folklore says that if someone celebrating their birthday blows out all the candles on a birthday cake in one blow, it will bring them good luck.

Good luck wishes on a birthday

Birthday wishes – Wish luck on a birthday

Many years ago, when Europe was ruled by Rome, one of the Gods worshipped was called Apis (equally known as Hap, Hapi, or Hapy), and the word ‘happy’ in the birthday greeting Happy Birthday in English, is believed to date back to this word ‘Hap’. So, when you wish someone ‘happy’ birthday, you are actually wishing the Gods to come upon them and bring them good luck.

Nowadays, we like to think that we have eschewed all this ancient mumbo-jumbo – but no! it seems not, as witnessed by the millions of birthday gifts out there that harp back to these old myths, legends, superstitions and beliefs. In addition to the party, the cake with its candles, and the birthday card . . there are the presents: Many of these things are related to ancient beliefs.

In our Good Luck Gift shop, we have a lot of ♥  Special Day gifts  and lucky birthday presents to wish a friend or loved-one good fortune in the coming year.

Where do all these formalities and traditions originate? Overall, they seem to come from the desire to wish the recipient good luck and protection from bad fortune in the year to come: “I wish you much luck and good fortune on your birthday and in the year to come”.
Wish your own special someone good luck on their birthday with one of the gifts in our    ♥ SHOP

Birthday present ideas

Astrological and star-sign jewellery pieces often make popular birthday gifts because they are more personal – relating to the individual’s time of birth. For example:

Personalised zodiac star sign bithday gift necklace

This “Reach for the Stars” Zodiac necklace, in sterling silver, is a unique personalised inspirational zodiac star-sign necklace. The symbolic zodiac necklace features a little sterling-silver disc showing a sign of the zodiac. You can choose which sign of the zodiac you want, thus making a more personalised birthday gift for a friend or loved-one.

And what about religious birthday presents? Yes, birthday gifts with religious, spiritual, Christian, etc, significance are still common – even in these more secular times. In our online shop we stock many ♥  Spiritual and Christian gifts  which could be suitable as birthday presents . . like this rather special 18ct gold scallop shell with pearl necklace:

Gold scallop shell necklace as Birthday gift
Unique birthday gift with the religious connotation of Camino de Santiago jewelry

Wish your special friends or loved-ones well on their birthday by sending them this unique, delicate and beautiful little present. It is an ideal way to show someone how much you really care and to encourage them along life’s Camino with your support. Like all our gifts, it comes gift-wrapped – and we can print a personal message on your behalf.

And what about this finely-crafted Camino de Santaigo scallop shell keepsake box – handmade out of sterling silver in Galicia, northern Spain. This is something really special and it would make a great birthday gift . . a solid-silver keepsake box in the shape of the scallop shell / concha de vieira symbol of The Way of St. James:

Silver keepsake box - Birthday present with meaning
Solid silver keepsake box – a birthday gift with meaning

And it is not only Catholic (or Christian) birthday presents that make a religious birthday gift (although we do have a great number in our shop because of our Spanish origins). But these Hamsa or Hand of Fatima earrings make a lovely birthday gift suitable for all faiths and beliefs (seen here with pearl inset). Giving a present like this is said to bring the recipient protection:

Hamsa Hand of Fatima necklace for birthday wishes
Hamsa – a gift for ALL faiths

What are good birthday gifts?

Our birthday gifts are a bit different . . particularly the jewellery pieces: All these gifts have real meaning – based on traditional and well-known symbols, charms and talismans from around the world.

Guardian owl bracelet - small birthday present idea
Guardian owl bracelet

For example, the owl symbol is considered by many to be a protective charm and this necklace featuring the wise owl symbol could make a very meaningful present for someone that you care about.

Lucky Indalo statuette
Lucky Indalo statuette

Likewise with the lucky Indalo symbol – as depicted by this bronze statuette: Remind your friends or loved ones to be lucky and positive by gifting this small but meaningful present on their birthday, for their home or office . . it could act as a daily reminder to believe in their goals.

See some ♥  INDALO GIFTS  (based on the Indalo Man symbol) in our online shop

Luck on your birthday? Can it be gifted?

Birthday parties are an age-old tradition. People have always believed in good and evil spirits, and folklore has it that spirits gather around a person who is celebrating his or her birthday. Years ago (and even nowadays in some parts of the world) everyone was afraid that ever-present evil spirits could cause harm to the birthday child. And so, friends and relatives would surround the boy or girl so that their good luck wishes would protect them. Giving presents was believed to bring even greater protection as was the act of eating together. So the concept of the birthday party (and birthday presents) was born. Initially, only kings or prominent men were thought important enough to celebrate the occasion of their birthday in this way. But as time went on, ordinary folk began to celebrate this occasion too, and so people gave presents to their friend or loved-one to send their best wishes and to hopefully to help protect them for another 12 months.

Happy Birthday

As already mentioned, folklore says that if one blows out all the candles on a birthday cake in one blow, accompanied by a loud chorus of “Happy Birthday” it will bring good fortune. The early Greeks and Romans thought that candles had magical qualities – carrying up their prayers and wishes to the Gods above. And Happy Birthday is not only sung in the English-speaking world: In Uruguay birthday party guests must touch the person’s shoulder or head following the singing of “Happy Birthday”. In Ecuador, the birthday girl or boy will take a large bite of the birthday cake before it is served. In Peru, guests often sing “Happy Birthday” in English, before doing the same again in Spanish.

Happy Birthday

What is the best gift?

Of course it’s not just kids that get birthday presents: Mothers and fathers attract attention too from their family and birthday present for Mum or Dad are especially valued, more than just a Happy Birthday card: Our silver Mother necklace makes a special birthday gift for a very special person. This unique necklace features a sterling silver disc engraved with meaningful sentiments about ‘Mom’. It is the ideal gift to tell your mother how much you love her and to celebrate her special day:

Happy Birthday Mother necklace gift
Wise, strong, kind, understanding, beautiful, warm, sweet, devoted . . Mother

In Malta, an island in the Mediterranean, at the event of a child’s first birthday, parents organise a game with a variety of symbolic objects placed around the seated child. These can include a hard-boiled egg, a Bible, a crucifix or rosary beads, a book, and so on. Whichever object the child shows most interest in is said to reveal the child’s path and fortune into adulthood.

Unique Birthday gifts

At The Good Luck Gift shop we have a deep connection with the Mediterranean area, especially Spain, and all its varied cultures, which is why our birthday gift offerings are capable of being a bit different in this respect. For example, we have a greta collection of Spanish ceramic art figurines, all hand-painted in Catalonia. In Spain, the Gecko is considered a lucky creature and our Spanish ceramic Gecko figurine is perfect as a unique birthday present. This form of Spanish pottery is something special . . and it would make an awesome gift to wish Happy Birthday to a friend or loved-one. Of course, all our gifts are shipped gift-wrapped, and you can write a personal message which we will print on a Gift Card. We can ship direct to you, or to 3rd-parties (ie: direct to the Birthday Boy or Girl as a special gift). This is all INCLUDED in the price. We NEVER include a copy of the bill with a shipped gift.

Gecko figurine to wish luck on Birthday
Spanish ceramic lucky Gecko

If you are looking for something a bit different for a friend or loved-one’s birthday, we have it. And if you just want something simple, you can’t go wrong with one of our inspirational tokens such as these “Carpe Diem” and”Thinking of you” tokens:

Looking for a Birthday gift to wish Good Luck, that has real meaning . . possibly religious? Welcome to The Good Luck Gift Shop!