Sentimental gifts to declare your feelings

Gifts to tell someone how you feel about them

. . a little gift to say you care 🙂

Do you want to tell someone how you feel about them, or send a little message of support? Why not convey your sentiments and best wishes with a small gift which says:

♥  I Love you    ♥  Yes you can / Go for it!   ♥  I care    ♥  You are my Friend / We’re Friends forever / You’re my BFF    ♥  Good Luck!!    ♥  Happy Anniversary    ♥  I believe you    ♥  Be Strong / Have courage    ♥  Thinking of you    ♥  Congratulations / Well Done    ♥  Have a safe trip / journey    ♥  Hope it goes well / OK    ♥  Get Well soon    ♥  Thankyou

We have just the thing for you in our online shop: Gifts with real meaning so you can pass on these feelings or emotions and convey your wishes to a friend or loved-one in a stylish and charming way.

Bracelet gift with meaning
Gifts to say you care

Why buy from Good Luck Gifts?

Our gifts (particularly the jewellery pieces) have special meanings based on traditional talismans and amulets that people from different cultures around the world (and from different walks of life) have put their faith in for many years (thousands, sometimes).

Indalo talisman ceramic

Declare your love, express your emotion; encourage a friend, and tell someone what you wish for them (and that you are thinking about them) with a litle gift that shows you care.

Show you care: Pass on your thoughts and feelings with our special gifts that can say so much