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Spiritual and religious jewellery: Is there a difference? How do you define spirituality? Can you be spiritual without being religious? What is a spiritual belief? What is spiritual jewellery?

There a two threads that entwine our website: Spirit and Soul. Soul is the ‘immaterial’ part of a person, related to the individual self: Some call this the “Spiritual self”. Whereas Spirit is universal. You can’t be religious without being spiritual but it’s quite possible to be spiritual without being religious – implying that you don’t need an organisation like a Church, for example, to live your life of beliefs and faith. So Spiritual Jewellery can be both “spiritual” (relating to or affecting the human spirit or soul – as opposed to material or physical things) AND religious. And we have a lot of spititual and religious jewellery in our shop because just about ALL our gifts meet the Spirit/Soul criteria, and many jewellery pieces are Religious (especially Christian or Catholic).

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But what is the difference between a religious person and a spiritual person?

A religious person is usually devoted to the belief in their particular religion or God. A spiritual person has a more individual belief – often associated with specific feelings and experiences, usually related to the meaning of life and a connection with others . . which can of course be religious 🙂

Every jewellery item or gift in our shop has a warmth of character and a refreshing uniqueness that, with the added symbolism that each piece possesses, expresses a depth of soul and vitality of spirit that it not so apparent on other jewellery websites:

Gifts and Jewellery with Meaning – it’s what we do!

Religious jewellery with soul
Faith jewellery

The designs and symbols of our gifts (in particular, the spiritual and religious jewellery) communicate both to the wearer and the observer: Each piece of spiritual or religious jewellery in our shop actually MEANS something (and you can read about that meaning on the product page itself, or in articles on this website). There is an energy of creativity in all our spiritual jewellery, with a symbolism and a real, genuine identity that actually has a tangible significance.

Yet much of our religious jewellery (especially the Christian jewellery) is still traditional in its design, with a devotion to the classical themes of the particular belief or faith, and with respect for the traditions of religious jewellery of the past . . but in a more modern design and style.

Symbolic jewellery with spiritual connotations

For centuries, across different cultures around the world, jewellery has had a spiritual and mystical connotation defined by symbols. Nowhere is this more apparent than in our spiritual jewellery, especially our Christian faith jewellery. There is a long history of jewellery featuring talismans or charms to ensure protection from evil, safekeeping, faith and grace . . and often good health, wealth and good fortune too. Our spiritual jewellery is in line with that tradition.

Camino Santiago jewellery symbols
Pilgrim symbols

Many of our religious jewellery pieces such as pendants, necklaces, bracelets, etc, feature symbols based on notable religious symbols. Because of our close connection with Spain, a great deal of our Christian / Catholic jewellery is from Spain / the Iberian Peninsular and is hand-crafted by artisans and goldsmiths in small workshops across the country: Córdoba, Almería, Malaga, Murcia, Valencia, Galicia and Asturias. Our Camino de Santiago jewellery in particular is significant: Concha de Vieira Scallop shell necklaces and bracelets, Cruz de Santiago / St James cross pendants, Cruces de Caravaca, Tau crosses, and so on. Of course, we also stock St Christophers, Guardian Angels, Hamsas (hand of Fatima), and simple Christian crosses.

Add to this the more Oriental and Spiritual symbols of Shambhala, Yin Yang, and the Astrological Star Sign symbols of the Zodiac and other “Spiritual Jewellery”, and you have a broad spectrum of Religious, Christian, Catholic, Faith and Spiritual jewellery from which to choose in our online shop.

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Truly meaningful spiritual jewellery pieces featuring symbols based on notable ethereal, theological and religious beliefs.