Symbolic jewellery

Jewellery with real meaning based on revered ancient symbols

Why not express your feelings, emotions or sentiments to a friend or loved-one with one of the symbolic jewellery gifts that you can buy in our online shop? They are based on popular and familiar symbols and signs.

Symbolic jewellery with special meaning – what does this jewellery symbolise?

In addition to traditional symbolic jewellery with meaningful messages, we also stock other less-traditional talismans and amulets on bracelets, necklaces, etc, that are nonetheless classic and well-known in their own particular countries or regions, and incorporated into all the local charm jewellery of the area. Either way, you can buy truly meaningful jewellery, gifts, charms, talismans and amulets in our shop.

Why buy from the Good Luck Gift Shop?

The symbols on the jewellery (and other gifts in our online shop) are not spurious – they possess real provenance and genuine character that does actually MEAN something – something that people from different cultures around the world (and from different walks of life) have put their faith in for many years. We established our business in Spain over 10 years ago (and we now have a shop in the UK too). Our gifts really do mean something – especially the symbolic jewellery, spiritual/religious gifts of faith, and gifts from Spain, so you can pass on your good luck wishes to a friend or loved-one in a unique way, for well-being and success, safekeeping and good fortune.

Symbolic gifts and jewellery with real meaning based on symbols from ethnic and cultural heritage dating back many years and across many civilisations.