Follow your dreams! Jewellery for hope can help promote people’s dreams. So the dream jewellery and hope jewellery in our SHOP can say You Got This!

Some say hope is the anchor of the soul and that, without hope, there is nothing: Our jewellery for hope is intended to help keep the dream alive and boost self esteem especially when wanting to start something new or make a new beginning. See some dream jewellery and hope jewellery in our SHOP .

Anchor jewellery for hope and dreams
Jewellery for Hopes and Dreams

But what is hope jewellery?

Hope is an emotional state which promotes the belief in positive outcomes, especially when related to difficult events and circumstances in someone’s life. It is a feeling that, what is wanted really can be had, and that events will turn out for the best.

So any jewellery that is symbolic and has some sort of spiritual meaning in this respect can give someone the confidence to expect a positive outcome in what they are attempting to do, or in facing difficult circumstances in their life.

From a religious point of view, hope is one of the three theological virtues in the Christian tradition, being a combination of the desire for something, and the expectation of receiving it. Like all virtues, it arises from will, not passion.

Here are some examples of Jewellery for Hope :

Camino jewellery: St James Cross and Scallop Shell symbol of El Camino de Santiago:

Santiago de Compostela is the capital of Galicia, in northern Spain, and the city’s Cathedral is the final destination of the pilgrimage route called the Way of St. James. More than just a walk, the Camino is regarded as a journey of the mind, body and spirit and many modern travellers do it for inspirational reasons as much as for religious or spiritual ones. Jewellery symbolic of El Camino can motivate people to achieve their dreams.

Lourdes jewellery:

We stock jewellery amulets which contain water from the spring at Lourdes in France – said by some to unlock the power of faith and hope. The local Church that administers Lourdes says that the water doesn’t appear to have any specific scientific or medical properties – only the power of faith (and prayer).

Gemstone jewellery:

Some say gemstones can help people change the way they feel about themselves. For example, Amazonite, a pale blue-green stone in the feldspar group, is said to help communicate someone’s thoughts and feelings. It is know as the “Hope Stone” because people think it can help channel all our hopes and dreams to achieve our goals. Aventurine is so well renowned for goal achievement, it is called The Gambler’s Stone. If a dream is worth pursuing, Aventurine is the stone to help.

Butterfly jewellery:

Butterflies are symbolic of faith, and wearing a butterfly charm is said to offer hope for the future, especially when that future requires a change of direction. The butterfly is said to give us the confidence to accept the changes that lie ahead – just as it does itself when it transforms from a lowly caterpillar and flies away into a whole new life.

So butterfly jewellery is intended to give hope and help people accept change in their lives and connect with their natural surroundings – allowing the wind to carry them forward to their new goals and dreams: It would be ideal for people embarking on a new life – a new start or new beginnings. See our SHOP for Jewellery for a New Start . .

Anchor jewellery:

For centuries the anchor was a symbol of steadfastness and hope for seafarers: The Mariner’s Cross in the shape of an anchor, is a symbol of hope after a fresh start and it was used by early Christians too as a symbol of security. So Anchor jewellery is ideal for those who are about to embark on something new, or plant new roots, hoping to find a better life with stability and security . . boosting their confidence and self esteem and helping them trust in their ability to survive and succeed.

What is Dream Jewellery?

Dreams are a strong desire to achieve goals – an eager wish for some object or condition . . a constructive hope. Dreams are usually manifested by having a great ambition which ends in an ultimate goal. So, just like Hope Jewellery, Jewellery for Dreams draws on the sentiment of the hope of achieving a wish.

But achieving a dream requires focus, long-term diligence, effort . . and the positivity that comes from having high confidence and self-esteem. This is where Dream Jewellery comes in: It reminds people every day of their wishes, and encourages them to follow their dreams, drawing on the sentiment of hope: It is jewellery to help promote people’s dreams.

We offer a range of jewellery to “keep the dream alive” in our SHOP which is designed to give people hope and encourage them to follow their dreams:

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