Want a present to wish good luck at hospital or for an operation? We have some great Get Well Soon gifts to send your message or prayers to a friend and loved one who is unwell and to wish them a speedy recovery from surgery

Did you know that, at one time, it was believed that if someone had some sort of illness, they could be cured by placing them on the beach when the tide was coming in? When the water receded, it was thought that the waves would carry away their sickness.

Nowadays, we have little charms and  ♥ GET WELL SOON GIFTS !  Have times changed much over the Centuries??

Speedy recovery wishes – get well soon!

Speedy recovery wishes
Speedy recovery wishes – with natural cures?
Speedy recovery!
. . or perhaps wish a speedy recovery with medicines

Nowadays, this might sound strange, but lots of the “old cures” had some sort of logic behind them – even if that logic was simply a strong BELIEF that the designated cure would work. A lot of people have faith in their religion, and religious-based gifts, wishes and prayers are as strong today as they’ve ever been. And much of the   INSPIRATIONAL JEWELLERY  in our shop to say Get Well Soon, or to wish luck in Hospital or with an Operation, are based on ancient religious symbols and beliefs.

Sending you all my thoughts and prayers

Christian cross for safekeeping in hospital
Christian cross – a meaningful gift for some to wish safekeeping in hospital

We have a range of such gifts in our shop to pass on your prayers and Get Well Soon wishes including a lot of  ♥ CHRISTIAN GIFTS OF FAITH  that are frequently given to wish a speedy recovery from illness, before surgery or after an operation in hospital.

The presents in our shop are gifts with real meaning, so whether you are looking for a small Get Well gift or one of a more religious nature like the Guardian Angel necklace above, for example, we can help.

See some ♥  GET WELL SOON GIFTS for HOSPITAL visit or OPERATION  in our shop online

Wish good luck on your surgery – the old way

Ancient beliefs (some religious, others not) and lucky charms and talismans, still form a part of our lives – even for people who are not very superstitious or religious. For example, how many people still say “Bless You” when someone sneezes. According to an article in Britain’s Guardian Newspaper, this custom goes back to more superstitious times when a sneeze was believed to separate the soul from the body. To prevent the devil stealing the soul, Bless You was said to release the soul from Satan’s clutches and return it to its rightful owner. More concretely, it is said to come from the time of the Great Plague: As sneezing was one of the first symptoms and it was thought likely that person would die, “God bless you” was a suitable thing to say . . possibly in the hope that God’s intervention could save them.

But whatever someone’s beliefs, little gifts to friends and loved ones (like these small  ACCESSORIES ) can pass on feelings and sentiments and encourage people to get well. The power of the mind (and of love) to heal the body is well-known, and what better way to express your love and concern for a friend or loved-one than with a small Get Well Gift to lift their mood.

Send a message to a friend before her surgery

See some ♥  INSPIRATIONAL JEWELLERY  to pass on good luck wishes before surgery in our store.

Do you know someone who could benefit from a special little gift to encourage them to get well?

It is believed that a Get Well Soon gift for a friend or loved-one to pass on Good Luck wishes for an Operation / Surgery at the Hospital, really CAN help, and aid speedy recovery from illness too