Sentimental gifts to express your emotions

Express your love, thoughts or thanks to a friend or loved-one with a symbolic gift

Why not gift a little something to show your thoughts, your admiration, your confidence, your love . . your emotions?

Gifts with meaning:

An emotion is a feeling such as affection, gratitude or regret – a sentiment such as hope, companionship or respect.

In the sentimental gifts business, all emotions are important, which is why we have such a lot of traditional and notable symbols on the jewellery and other gifts in our shop – to offer gifts that have REAL meaning and express feelings of:

♥  Love / Affection / Fondness    ♥  Liking / Warmth / Attraction    ♥  Friendship / Companionship    ♥  Care / Concern    ♥  Kindness / Support    ♥  Gratitude / Appreciation / Thanks    ♥  Celebration / Achievement    ♥  Happiness    ♥  Commitment    ♥  Confidence / Trust    ♥  Forgiveness    ♥  Encouragement    ♥  Hope / Positiveness    ♥  Pride / Admiration    ♥  Reminiscence / Memories    ♥  Strength    ♥

Joy on Camino journey
For the joy of the journey

It is said that . .

Gifts are more valuable for the symbols involved than for the material benefits given:

Thomas Hardy said of his character Tess: Beauty to her lay not in the thing, but in what the thing symbolised. And in our Good Luck Gift Shop we believe that this is true.

All those presents lying under the Christmas tree aren’t just presents – but symbolic markers . . symbolic both of a relationship and of yourself, the giver.

Ceramics with Indalo symbol luck
Gifts with symbolic meaning

The best gifts bring emotional happiness. And this is the essence of our online shop. We offer gifts (in particular, jewellery pieces) which have real meaning – with a provenance and genuine character that people from all walks of life and cultures around the world have trusted in for years.

So, if you would like to communicate your sentiments to a friend or loved-one, in a stylish and meaningful way, we have just the gifts for you!

Express your love, express your thoughts, your gratitude, your thanks . . to a friend or loved-one, and wish them good luck, with one of our special gifts