Lucky Elephant charm: What does an elephant represent? Is an elephant a good luck charm? What is the spiritual meaning of an elephant?

So many questions about the lovely Elephant, but what are the answers?

The fact is that over many centuries and in lots of cultures, the Elephant has symbolised good luck, as well as strength, wealth and prosperity – and we have a small selection in our ♥  SHOP  online.

Elephant for wealth

What does an elephant represent?

In Asian culture, they place elephant charms (or little statuettes) in the home, with their trunks up, near the door (and probably facing inward) to attract good fortune into the home. For Hindus, the elephant is a form of Ganesha who is the God of luck, wealth and protection.

Lucky Elephant ceramic
SHOP Ceramic elephant statuette

In Feng Shui, elephants are used to energise certain areas of the home and to bring in good luck. (They are also sometimes be placed facing outward at the door, to protect the home by stopping bad stuff from coming in.)

Elephant good luck charm

Equally, in popular culture, an elephant good luck charm is used in jewellery (on necklaces, bracelets and earrings) to attract good luck and wealth – and in tattoos as a symbol of strength.

Elephant charm necklace
Elephant charm necklace

So the lucky elephant charm, necklace or bracelet is as popular in the West, as the statuette is in the East and we have a very small selection in our ♥  SHOP  online.

May a lucky elephant bring you good fortune and prosperity