Symbolic things, gifts and jewellery

Why do we use symbolic jewellery and other symbolic things as gifts to wish someone good luck?

Symbols and their meanings: What are the most common symbolic things, symbolic gifts and symbolic jewellery?

Did you know that amulets are supposed to protect you from bad luck, and talismans are meant to bring you good luck? For thousands of years, people have worn amulets because they thought that they would protect them against evil spirits. Both amulets and talismans are more commonly known as lucky charms these days, but they were very symbolic to the people that used them all those years ago – just as they are nowadays. The society in which they lived BELIEVED in their potency and the symbolism of things in general.

But even today, it is a brave person who tempts fate and brazenly dismisses the possibility that some thing, object or charm that is (or has been) symbolic of good luck will be helpful to them – or that something that is symbolic of bad luck will not be a problem. If you’re taking a flight on Friday 13th and you accidentally break a mirror in the airport, you understandably feel a bit nervous. Why is this? What is the basis for this superstition? Is it that subconsciously we believe that we actually can make our fears (or our hopes) come true?

Christian cross symbolic thing

Yes, symbols and meanings and symbolic things, although rooted in history, are alive and well in modern society . . even in our modern Western culture which is more likely to spurn such things as “faddish”. We may laugh at the fact that people in the past used garlic to ward off vampires, or that they threw salt over their left shoulder where the Devil was lurking. But just as we do these days, they avoided walking under ladders, said “Bless You” after someone sneezed, and crossed their fingers to encourage a good outcome. Indeed, would you willingly sit in seat No.13 on a plane? Well, don’t worry, you probably won’t have to because more often than not, it doesn’t exist! That is to say, on many flights, seat numbers skip from 12 to 14. Why? Because we as people really ARE superstitious . . we don’t want to tempt bad luck, and the airlines know this.

So even nowadays, lots of people use the notion of symbolic things in their daily lives to hopefully persuade “the Gods” a little bit in their favour. They will, for example, wear jewellery that is symbolic of something – a religious or spiritual symbol possibly.

Hamsa hand symbol jewellery
Symbolic bracelets

The Christian cross is just one example of this symbolism, as is the Hamsa Hand of Fatima, a St Christopher pendant, a Guardian Angel charm, and so on. They are all symbols with meanings. Some people wear symbolic jewellery featuring four-leafed Clovers or lucky Horseshoes to hopefully bring good luck. The lucky Indalo symbol of Almería in southern Spain is another example of this, as is a little lucky Turtle, or Gecko or Ladybird. People also wear jewellery featuring Owls, Scarabs, Butterflies, Elephants, etc. And it’s not just to do with luck: Things can be symbolic of good health, of safety (like an Anchor), of love (a Heart), of harmony and friendship (like a Yin Yang symbol, for example), or a Zodiac “star” sign or Birthstone . . or even just ostentatiously symbolic of wealth (a diamond-studded tiara, will do!) Colours and flowers can be symbolic things too.

Almost every day, we wish a friend or loved-one “Good Luck” for a particular event in their life, and sometimes we give them a lucky symbolic gift such as a piece of symbolic jewellery. Myth, legend, folklore, religion, etc, all add to people’s beliefs as to what makes something “lucky”. (See our article about  Symbols of Good Luck  for more information on this.)

Yes, there are many symbols and meanings and symbolic things in the world and, even nowadays, we use many of them and rely on them to tell our subconscious that things are going to be OK. Perhaps it’s all about positiveness. As Henry Ford said: “If you think you can, you can. And if you think you can’t . . you’re right!”

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Almost every day, we wish a friend or loved-one good luck for some event or other. So why not give them a lucky symbolic gift sometime, like a piece of symbolic jewellery to say “Good Luck”