Occasion gifts to celebrate a milestone event

Celebrate a friend’s milestone event or occasion by sending a gift

What are the main milestones in life? The arrival of a new baby; baptism; birthdays; first Holy Communion or Confirmation; then possibly graduation, engagement, a wedding, an anniversary, and then probably retirement!

In our online shop, we have occasion gifts to suit all these milestone events:

♥  Gifts for a new baby    ♥  Gifts for a Baptism or Christening    ♥  Birthday gifts    ♥  Gifts for a Holy Communion or Confirmation    ♥  Graduation gifts    ♥  Engagement presents    ♥  Wedding presents    ♥  Anniversary presents    ♥  Retirement gifts   ♥

Prayer box of faith

Why buy a gift for an event or occasion from us?

Our gifts are a bit different . . particularly the jewellery pieces: All these gifts have meanings based on traditional and well-known symbols, charms and talismans from around the world.

The question is: What do people actually WANT from their gift? Is it something that costs a lot? Is it something that looks good or feels nice? Or is it perhaps something hand-crafted and loved?

We believe that, in reality, many people are looking for a gift that can actually convey a message, and all our gifts have REAL significance; that is, they have a symbolic meaning which could be relevant to the person to whom you are giving it. More often than not, our gifts contain a symbol of something that the recipient not only understands (for example, a symbol of faith, like a cross), but also appreciates, and maybe even ‘needs’.

Camino scallop shell symbol

So, if you (or your gift recipient) believe in SOMETHING (religion, faith, good luck, etc), we suspect that you will find something suitable and unique in our shop to gift to your friend or loved-one.

We also have occasion gifts for all the milestone events which could fall into a classification dependant on the recipient:

♥  Gifts for her / a woman / lady / girlfriend    ♥  Gifts for him / a man / boyfriend    ♥  Gifts for a teenager    ♥  Gifts for home / office  ♥

Also see our occasion gifts to celebrate a more self-made milestone:

♥  Gifts to celebrate a goal achievement (eg: quitting smoking, losing weight)    ♥  New Year gifts    ♥  Gifts to celebrate a Christian festival  ♥

See our shop for gifts to celebrate a milestone event like a Baptism, Anniversary, Wedding, Retirement, Goal achievement, etc