What do owls symbolise? Is an owl a symbol of good luck? What is the spiritual meaning of an owl?

In Harry Potter, OWL stands for Ordinary Wizarding Level – an exam rating system for magic. And it’s true, the owl has been associated with magic and wizardry for centuries. Also in Harry Potter, we see the owl as a messenger – of good, and bad, news. Many people love owls . . and we have a few in our ♥  SHOP  online.

But what about luck? Is an owl lucky? Can an owl be a good luck charm?

Owl symbol meaning and owl symbol of wisdom

The ancient Greeks revered Athena, the goddess of wisdom. Her symbol was the owl, and so, from centuries ago, the owl became a symbol of wisdom, as well as learning and intelligence – even prophecy.

Ceramic owl symbol
Owl: Symbol of wisdom

Owl legends, mythology and symbolism as a Protector

Some cultures also view the owl as a protector – against harm, and ill-fortune, and owl feathers used to be worn to ward off evil spirits (even at a time of death – when the owl also featured . . . although, it has to be said that the ancient Celts associated the owl’s spirit with an announcement of death).

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In Greek legend of the past, as the symbol of the Goddess Athene, the owl was believed to accompany armies to war and show them the way to victory. Similarly, in Hawaiian mythology, owls are thought to lead people to safety, away from imminent danger. Native Indians on the plains of America wore owl feathers to protect them from the evil spirit.

So yes, the owl is a symbol of wisdom and protection. However, can an owl be a good luck charm?

Do owls bring good luck?

Lucky owl necklace
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Owl symbols are very popular in Japan because of the sounding of the word “fukuro” meaning either Luck-to-come, or the combination of Kurou which translates as Hardship and Fu meaning No – implying a protection element too. But in Western culture too, there are plenty of people who view the owl as lucky in some way although, like the Japanese, it is more usually associated with the supposed wise owl powers – and so owl good luck charms are especially gifted to wish luck for exams and other tests that require extra mental abilities.

Owl charm meaning

So owls have long-featured in art and culture and these days symbolic owl charm jewellery like bracelets and necklaces, and statuettes are given as good luck gifts for people taking exams and tests when, by happy coincidence, the extra knowledge or wisdom that the owl is supposed to be able to bring, would of course be a great help.

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An owl is a good luck charm for something requiring knowledge, like an exam