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For what event do you want to send your good luck wishes?

For what undertaking of a friend or loved-one would you like to pass on your best wishes (and hopes) for a favourable outcome, for success, or for safekeeping on a trip?

Our online shop has gifts that are suitable for many events or undertakings (especially those that might need an extra bit of good luck) so you can pass on your best wishes for the occasion.

For example:  ♥ Gifts to wish good luck for when going on a journey   ♥ Gifts to wish good luck Moving house   into a new home (or for a housewarming party)  ♥ Gifts to wish good   Luck for an Interview   or a ♥  Driving test,  a ♥ Competition,   getting a ♥  New Job   or career, or ♥  Wedding-related events;   as well as gifts to pass on your good luck wishes to a youngster ♥  Starting something New  like a new school, a teenager ♥  Starting University,   or for their ♥  Graduation Exams. (See all links below).

Our aim is to offer gifts that have real significance because of the symbols they feature – as can be seen with our symbolic charms and jewellery.

Camino Scallop shell heart
Gifts to wish safe travels

Why buy gifts to wish luck from us?

Our gifts are not spurious – they possess provenance and real, genuine character that really DO mean something. Indeed, society has put its faith in the symbolic meanings exhibited by our specially-selected jewellery and other gifts for hundreds of years. And so we believe that our bracelets, necklaces and earrings with their talismans and charms, symbols and gems, have the power to impart inspiration and belief, and make people feel that they are valued.

We started our business in Spain some 10 years ago although our main base is now in the UK, and so many of our gifts have a Spanish connection – and, for this reason, many are quite unique:

♥  Gifts for luck on a Trip / Travelling / Going Away    ♥  Moving House gifts for a New Home / Housewarming    ♥  Gifts for luck in a New Job / Promotion    ♥  Gifts for luck in a Driving Test    ♥  Gifts for luck in an Exam    ♥  Gifts for luck at Interview / work    ♥  Gifts for luck in a Competition / Game / Match    ♥  New Business / Future Endeavours    ♥  Get well soon gifts and luck for Hospital / Operation / Surgery    ♥  Gifts to say Congratulations on Engagement / Bridal shower    ♥  Marriage / Wedding Day gifts     ♥  Special Day gifts / Notable occasion    ♥  Gifts for Starting University / School    ♥  Gifts to achieve Goals / Success    ♥  Gifts to say best wishes on Retirement / Holiday    ♥  Leaving Do / Going Away present    ♥  Gifts for luck on a First Day / Inaugural event    ♥  Gifts for luck with a New Job Start / New endeavours / the future    ♥  Celebratory gifts of faith eg for a new baby  ♥

Lucky Indalo symbol tapones
Gifts for a new home

For grand occasions and milestone events in life like Weddings, Christenings, Birthdays, Graduations, Anniversaries, etc, see our page about occasions to celebrate milestone events – and relevant gifts.

Give one of our gifts for good luck to pass on your best wishes for a friend’s undertaking or event