Gifts to Wish Good Luck

Good luck gifts

Good luck gift
Jewellery for luck and other good luck gifts

Hi. Whatever the occasion, we have a gift to say Good Luck . . presents that really do mean something – especially symbolic jewellery and Spanish ceramics, so you can pass on your good luck wishes to a friend or loved-one for well-being and success, safekeeping and good fortune.

In particular, we specialise in  Camino de Santiago jewellery :

Camino de Santiago jewellery
SHOP: Camino jewellery

and  Indalo jewellery :

Indalo jewellery
SHOP: Indalo jewellery

We established our gift shop in Spain more than 10 years ago (although our main base is now in the UK) and so a lot of our gifts are Spanish or have a Spanish / Mediterranean influence like Camino de Santiago jewellery, gifts featuring the lucky Indalo Man of Andalucía, and Christian symbols like the crosses of St James, Caravaca, St Francis and Tau.

You can buy gifts to say good luck for the events / occasions listed below:

For example:  Jewellery for luck and safety travelling on a trip :

Travel safety jewellery
Travel safety GIFTS

and Gifts to wish luck moving to a new home :

Moving house luck in new home gift
Luck in new house GIFTS

The complete list of events warranting a special good luck gift are:

* Travelling on a Trip / Journey   * Moving House / New Home / Housewarming   * New Job / Promotion   * Driving Test / Exam   * Job / Interview   * Competition / Game / Match   * New Business / Future Endeavours   *   Surgery / Operation   * Engagement / Bridal shower   * Wedding / Marriage   * Special Day / Notable occasion   * Starting University / School   * Success / Goal Achievement   * Retirement / Holiday   * Leaving Do / Going Away present   * First Day / Inaugural event   * New Year / New beginnings

In particular, if you love continental Europe and the lifestyle – especially Spain . . from the Mediterranean coasts of Andalucía to deep inside the rural heartlands of Castilla La Mancha, Aragon, la Rioja and of course Asturias and Galicia (the home of El Camino de Santiago, the Way of St James), then we have gifts that are especially relevant for you!

The blazing vibrancy of Andalucía is typified by it’s colourful ceramics. And of course we have the little Indalo Man good luck symbol: Even today, in small village pueblos that lie hidden behind the giant sierras that roll down to the Mediterranean sea, the Indalo charm is known for its good luck qualities.

Indalo ceramic Andalucia
SHOP: Indalo gifts

Our online shop is full of spiritual jewellery too, including gifts of faith, and other meaningful presents that make ideal gifts to wish someone good luck, as well as to wish someone safekeeping on a journey, happiness, and success, and offer them encouragement and congratulations. We also stock gifts for passing on your best wishes for a special occasion, and for wishing someone a successful outcome (eg: “hope all goes well”) and to express your feelings (of love, concern or friendship, for example).

Camino Santiago gifts
SHOP: Camino Santiago gifts

If you are looking for gifts with real meaning and gifts with soul . . especially those with a Mediterranean slant, then we can help! Please take a look at our shop .

Jewellery / gifts with real meaning . . that’ll be us!




Symbolic jewellery

Jewellery with real meaning based on revered ancient symbols

Why not express your feelings or emotions or sentiments to a friend or loved-one with one of the symbolic jewellery gifts that you can buy in our online shop? They are based on popular and familiar symbols and signs. We also stock other less traditional talismans and amulets – that are nonetheless classic and well-known in their own particular countries or regions, and incorporated into all the local charm jewellery of the area.

Either way, you can buy truly meaningful jewellery, gifts, charms, talismans and amulets in our shop:

* Camino de Santiago / Way of St James *

* Tau Cross / St Francis *

Camino shell symbol jewellery
Camino jewellery

* Shambhala / Shambala *

* Indalos / Indalo Man *

Silver Indalo pendant
Indalo jewellery

* Christian Cross of Faith *

* Caravaca Cross / Cruz de Caravaca *

Christian cross dog tag
Cross jewellery

* Butterfly   *

* Owl   * Ladybird / Ladybug  *

Ladybird jewellery
Ladybird jewellery

* Yin-Yang / Harmony *

* Heart symbol / Love Lock *

Jade heart love jewelry
Heart jewellery

* Birthstones / Gems *

* Zodiac / Astrological Star Signs *

Zodiac star sign jewelry
Star sign jewelry

* Horseshoe * Lucky Clover *

* Lucky Goal Achievement jewellery *

Lucky jewelry gecko
Lucky jewellery

* Guardian Angel / Spirit   * Lourdes  *

* Hamsa / Hand of Fatima *

Angel jewellery
Angel jewellery

* Jewellery to wish safekeeping *

Safekeeping jewellery
Protection bracelets

* St Christopher *

St Christopher necklace
St Christopher jewelry

Why buy from the Good Luck Gift Shop?

The symbols on the jewellery (and other gifts in our online shop) are not spurious – they possess real provenance and genuine character that does actually MEAN something . . something that people from different cultures around the world (and from different walks of life) have put their faith in for many years. All our gifts have provenance.

Symbolic gifts and jewellery with real meaning based on symbols from ethnic and cultural heritage dating back many years and across many civilisations.


Meaningful gifts for a special occasion

Jewellery pieces and gifts for special event occasions

An event is a “happening” – nothing special about that you might think. But if that event could have a profound impact on someone’s life, then we might want to wish that someone “Good Luck” for that event – and we have lots of gifts in our shop to do just that. (See our article about the events in our day-to-day lives for which peole like to send luck and best wishes . . “Good Luck moving house”, “Good luck in your exam”, “Good luck on your trip”, etc.)

On the other hand, some events in our lives are special . . and we call those special events or occasions – for example, Mother’s Day, a Christening, a Wedding, etc.

Special occasion gift

People usually decide themselves what particular event is a special happening, but the most recognised and celebrated occasions are:

* Mothers Day    * Fathers Day    * Birthday    * Christmas / Xmas    * Easter    * Graduation    * Engagement    * Wedding    * Anniversary    *  Holy Communion / Confirmation    * Valentines    * Thanksgiving    * New Start / New Beginnings    * Baptism / Christening    * Baby Shower / Blessing   *

Ceramic butterfly figurine

You can buy jewellery / gifts with real meaning for all these occasions in our online  SHOP .

Our gifts (particularly the jewellery pieces, and gifts from Spain) have meanings based on traditional and well-known symbols, charms and talismans from around the world.


Sentimental gifts to declare your feelings

Gifts to tell someone how you feel about them

. . a little gift to say you care 🙂

Do you want to tell someone how you feel about them, or send a little message of support? Why not convey your sentiments and best wishes with a small gift which says:

* I Love you    * Yes you can / Go for it!   * I care    * You are my Friend / We’re Friends forever / You’re my BFF    * Good Luck!!    * Happy Anniversary    * I believe you    * Be Strong / Have courage    * Thinking of you    * Congratulations / Well Done    * Have a safe trip / journey    * Hope it goes well / OK    * Get Well soon    * Thankyou

We have just the thing for you in our online shop: Gifts with real meaning so you can pass on these feelings or emotions and convey your wishes to a friend or loved-one in a stylish and charming way.

Bracelet gift with meaning
Gifts to say you care

Why buy from Good Luck Gifts?

Our gifts (particularly the jewellery pieces) have special meanings based on traditional talismans and amulets that people from different cultures around the world (and from different walks of life) have put their faith in for many years (thousands, sometimes).

Indalo talisman ceramic

Declare your love, express your emotion; encourage a friend, and tell someone what you wish for them (and that you are thinking about them) with a litle gift that shows you care.

Show you care: Pass on your thoughts and feelings with our special gifts that can say so much