What is the TRAVELLERS CROSS symbol for travel protection?

The Travellers Cross travel protection charm is a Cross of St James within the Scallop Shell symbol of El Camino de Santiago

Apart from Eucla in Australia (where the so-called Traveller Cross is in fact a memorial cross dedicated to those who built the Highway into Eucla), there is another, more appropriately-named Travellers Cross – and that is the symbol of the Cross of St James (Cruz de Santiago) within a figurative outline of the Scallop Shell symbol of El Camino de Santiago . . the famous “Way of St James” that runs across parts of Spain into Santiago de Compostela in Galicia on the northern coast.


How do you wish someone a safe trip?

“El Camino” is one of the greatest journeys in the world – and, for many travellers along its route, it is a pilgrimage to commemorate St James (one of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus, a Disciple, and a Christian martyr whose remains are said to be interred in the great Cathedral in the city centre). People have been travelling this Camino for centuries and millions have put their trust in the symbols of the Camino for safety and protection along the Way . . the Saint James Cross and the Concha de Vieira Scallop Shell. These are both great symbols of travel and adventure and, when wishing someone a safe journey, a good trip or a ‘safe’ trip, a gift that depicts one (or both) of these symbols is very noteworthy and meaningful.

Many walkers (and often people travelling by bicycle too) carry these symbols of El Camino when on their own journey on this famous pilgrimage route. And so, we have combined them and incorporated the resulting symbol into some of our jewellery / gifts as a symbolic representation of travellers in general and as an icon of safe travels.

Safe travels bracelets and safe travels necklaces

We are the world’s top webshop for religious / Christian gifts to wish safe travels and general good fortune and wellbeing whilst travelling on a journey, with a wide range of symbolic jewellery travel gifts that are said to offer safekeeping and protection . . many based on the symbols of the famous Camino de Santiago Way of St James in Spain, France and Portugal: And we have a great many items of jewellery and other gifts in our Good Luck Gift Shop to wish someone Safe Travels, especially ♥  SAFE TRAVEL JEWELLERY  :

Safe travel ring
Safe travel ring with scallop shell and moonstone – the Travellers Gemstone





We also have other ♥  SAFE TRAVEL GIFTS  like rings, cufflinks and so on. And many feature these symbols – usually individually, but sometimes combined into a single item – like, for example, these earrings:

St. James cross Camino earrings: Ideal safe travel gift

But the unique combination of both symbols into the Travellers Cross makes for a great gift with meaning to say Have a safe trip, Miss you, and so on. And our Travellers Cross jewellery features this, the best symbol for travel protection.

Our Travellers Cross Whistle necklace is a practical and meaningful item for people who love to travel: The neat little necklace resembles an item of jewellery but is in fact a tiny Whistle. It hangs on a longish sterling-silver belcher chain attached to a 925 sterling-silver bail that features a tiny heart shape on one side, and the ribs of a shell on the other. The Whistle itself, which is quite loud and piercing if blown, is discreetly engraved with the Travellers Cross symbol.

What to say to someone who is traveling / going on a trip

Whatever someone’s trip . . a holiday event, a business trip, a gap year, etc, it is possible to give one of our travel protection charms to say: Safe Travels.

Lucky charm travel gifts

Apart from Travellers Cross jewellery we also stock travel talismans (looking less like jewellery and more like practical and purposeful items). Our Travellers Cross Safety Whistle makes a great travelling gift, especially for someone with Christian / Catholic beliefs, as a present with a spiritual / religious / Christian significance: In addition to any value that the Camino / St James charm symbol has in itself, or the religious faith that it might represent, the Travellers Whistle could also be used in an emergency to summon help.

Travellers Cross Safety Whistles on lanyard

We also stock safe travels bracelets as another way to say “Safe Travels” – or lucky travel gifts like rings and tokens, and other gifts to wish someone good luck travelling on a journey / trip.

“Take care, Have a safe trip, Miss you”: Travellers cross jewellery says it all