What does a ladybird represent? Is it good luck when a ladybug lands on you? What is the spiritual meaning of a ladybug?

Some people believe that when a ladybird lands on you it is a symbol of good luck. Others say that it will bring you love. And others say that there is a spiritual meaning.

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Ladybug has spiritual meaning

Indeed, ladybirds (or ladybugs as they are known in the USA), are well-known for their luck-giving properties: Nearly all cultures think that a ladybird is lucky. Many societies also link the sight of a ladybug with future happiness in love . . as well as in finances, and in the granting of wishes. Having a ladybug land on you is supposed to be especially lucky.

The ladybird is particularly a favourite amongst children because they are so cute, harmless and they have heard stories from their parents about the lucky ladybird.

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Ladybug spiritual meaning

In some Christian societies, especially in Europe, the ladybird is linked with the Virgin Mary and is said to be symbolic of Her presence in nature as a sort of guardian. According to legend, the spots on a ladybug’s back symbolise the Seven Sorrows of Mary. So there is a spiritual aspect to the meaning of ladybirds too.

Ladybird good luck charm

This ladybird symbolism is why so many people wear ladybird jewellery or give ladybird gifts to their friends and loved-ones: Presents featuring ladybirds, like a ladybird charm necklace or ladybird earrings, for example, are a common way for people to pass on their good luck wishes.

Ladybird bracelet
Ladybird bracelet

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