What does a ladybird represent? Is it good luck when a ladybug lands on you? What is the spiritual meaning of a ladybug?

Some people believe that when a ladybird lands on you it is a symbol of good luck. Others say that it will bring you love. And others say that there is a spiritual meaning.

Ladybug has spiritual meaning

Indeed, ladybirds (or ladybugs as they are known in the USA), are well-known for their luck-giving properties: Nearly all cultures think that a ladybird is lucky. Many societies also link the sight of a ladybug with future happiness in love . . as well as in finances, and in the granting of wishes. Having a ladybug land on you is supposed to be especially lucky.

The ladybird is particularly a favourite amongst children because they are so cute, harmless and they have heard stories from their parents about the lucky ladybird.

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But in some Christian societies, especially in Europe, the ladybird is linked with the Virgin Mary and is said to be symbolic of Her presence in nature as a sort of guardian. According to legend, the spots on a ladybug’s back symbolise the Seven Sorrows of Mary. So there is a spiritual aspect to the meaning of ladybirds too.

This ladybird symbolism is why so many people wear ladybird jewellery or give ladybird gifts to their friends and loved-ones: Presents featuring ladybirds, like a ladybird charm necklace or ladybird earrings, for example, are a common way for people to pass on their good luck wishes.

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