What does a seahorse represent? What is the spiritual meaning of a seahorse? Do seahorses bring good luck?

Seahorse myths

Many islanders, sailors and others who make a living by the stormy sea, consider the Seahorse a very lucky charm. And the Ancient Greeks thought the seahorse a manifestation of Poseidon, the God of the sea: Unperturbed by the commotion or hubbub around it, it was assured in its strength and symbolic of patience and contentment.

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Seahorse luck in the sea

So the little seahorse began to have symbolic meanings of calm, patience and contentment – happy to be buffeted along by the environment around it. For this reason, no doubt, sailors thought the seahorse lucky because, whatever was thrown at it in tis turbulent world, it tended to survive.

Seahorse luck

So a lucky seahorse charm (necklace, bracelet, earrings or other jewellery) makes the perfect gift for someone travelling, attempting something new (like making a new start or new beginnings) or for any occasion that might require a measure of patience and good fortune.

Seahorse lucky charm
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Seahorse bring good luck
Seahorse for good luck?

Magical Seahorse charm: A gift for serenity and good fortune