STAY SAFE GIFTS say TAKE CARE, be well, have hope

Keep safe and stay well presents, along with prayers for protection and safety, pass on messages of hope and faith in difficult times

When faced with difficulties or danger, people like to pass on their wishes to stay safe to friends and loved-ones. Safeguarding one’s family can be hard at times – if not impossible, as children for example, grow up and leave home, going away on trips abroad, etc.

How to safely travel

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Stay Safe gift information card
Information card that can be sent with a gift

Stay safe, be well

Some people look to religion and their faith for solace: “Dear God, Please keep my family, friends, and loved ones safe” is a common prayer for protection for family and friends in the Christian faith. However, asking a young teenager to “Keep safe” and to “Take care” is all very well, but a little gift to wish luck as the youngster leaves the home has more poignance and permanence.

Take care, be safe, stay well

Keeping safe is not only a travel thing: In times of crisis it can be a universal sentiment. Little hugs and prayers go a long way towards passing on your wishes to keep safe and well. But a small gift can say a lot too; just like the sighting of a rainbow, as the sun breaks through the clouds after a storm, it can bring hope.

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Have hope

In many parts of the world a rainbow serves as a symbol of hope because – as it appears when the rain recedes, it reminds us, symbolically, that things can get better. On social networks, the hashtag #Rainbow is associated with light shining into dark places, because it is considered a symbol of transformation . . and is a sign of good fortune. Good and beautiful things often follow the darkest storms. And so the rainbow brings hope. After all, without hope, there is nothing: It promotes the belief in positive outcomes especially when related to difficult events and circumstances in someone’s life.

So, stay safe gifts are for hope, wishing friends and family to take care and stay well – whilst looking forward to the future with positiveness.

Keep safe everyone!

Give a friend a little piece of hope with a stay safe gift, and you are willing them to be well with both confidence and expectation: “Stay safe buddy” is used as a friendly farewell, expressing carefulness for someone not to get themselves into trouble.

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Keep safe and stay well gifts pass on messages of hope and faith and say Take Care