What does a Guardian Angel do? Who is the Angel of protection? St Michael Archangel? What do angels symbolise and represent? What is a Guardian Angel meaning nowadays?

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Guardian Angel comforting Jesus

Guardian Angel protector

A Guardian Angel is said to be a spirit that watches over and protects a person or place. The Guardian Angel concept has existed for centuries and can be seen in the books of the Hebrew Bible and the Old Testament. These books describe God’s Angels as his ministers who carry out His behests, and who are at times given special commissions regarding men.

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Who is the angel of protection?

Of particular note is Saint Michael Archangel – well-known amongst military personnel and police officers. In at least three faiths (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) St Michael is one of the Angels (an Archangel) that is a protector. He is the patron Saint of the police and soldiers (especially paratroopers), and military / law enforcement people in general.

Saint Michael bracelet - protect us
The Guardian Angel to trump all: The Angel of protection: St Michael Archangel

He is well represented in art and culture across the whole world and is Patron Saint of several cities. He was at one time recognised as the Patron Saint of Cornwall in England – being introduced to the land by the Normans, hence St Michael’s Mount (on both sides of the English Channel).

Archangel Michael is the leader of the Archangels and he is reputed to fight evil with his powers of good, thus providing protection to all who call upon him, especially those facing a crisis. He is the archetypal Guardian Angel protector.

What does a Guardian Angel do?

Guardian Angel gifts card

Although much of what applies to St Michael, also applies to Guardian Angels in general, other Guardian Angels are viewed as more benevolent. These more kindly spirits that occur in many beliefs and mythologies are, in general, thought of as intermediaries between Heaven and Earth / God and Man – being equally both messengers and guides, as well as guardians . . giving protection and helping people through their lives, showering kindness from ‘above’ and bringing good luck. They are often depicted with wings on their back, a halo, robes and various forms of glowing light. In the Christian faith they are seen as God’s messengers on earth. Belief in Guardian Angels is widespread and can be traced back thousands of years. In Ancient Greece, Angels were the purest expression of the winged spirit.

But perhaps the most treasured belief is that each person has their very own “Guardian Angel” who is watching over them – protecting and guiding them and bringing good luck into their lives. These Guardian Angels symbolise protection, affection, and harmony, and provide people with hope and happiness. By means of an Angel, God is said to introduce images and suggestions leading a person to do what is right.

On the other hand, Saint Michael is the traditional prototype of the spiritual warrior, a model extended to other warrior Saints. Legend says that he slew the Devil (sometimes depicted in classical art as a dragon). His conflict against evil may at times be viewed as an interior battle, although it must be remembered that the concept of the warrior Saint has extended to other Catholic saints, such as Saint George too. However, it is the Archangel Michael who is the chief opponent of Satan and for that reason it is common to find St Michael Archangel necklaces and other jewellery worn by servicemen and polices officers, and other people entering into danger.

St Michael protect us on our travels
St Michael protect us on our travels

According to 13th century Aquinas, the Dominican friar, Catholic priest, theologian and philosopher: “On the road man is threatened by many dangers both from within and without, and therefore, just as guardians are appointed for men who have to pass by an unsafe road, so an Angel is assigned to each man as long as he is a wayfarer.”

And so we see how Angels are viewed as protectors and feature on Guardian Angel bracelets and Angel keepsake gifts, especially gifts to wish safe travel. Alongside St Christopher, St Michael and other Angels are well-respected Guardian Angels of travel, and Guardian Angel necklaces and other jewellery are worn by many with the inscription: “Saint Michael protect us” or “St Michael protect us on our travels”

Guardian Angel gifts

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Travellers Cross safety whistle
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Yes, everyone should have a Guardian Angel watching over them – especially travellers and those on a difficult journey or mission 🙂

Gift an Angel to a friend or loved one and it can always be near them – protecting and guiding them, and generally helping them in their life.