What jewellery is good for anxiety? What is an anxiety necklace? Do stress bracelets work?

We try to answer all these questions:

In our SHOP we stock a range of jewellery for confidence which could be good for anxiety and stress

Jewellery for Confidence necklace
Jewellery for confidence, stress and anxiety

Something to give me confidence

Who remembers worry beads? The aim of so-called worry jewellery is to occupy the mind so that the anxiety brought about by our surroundings is dulled. But this is not the only type of jewellery to combat anxiety, stress and worry (and so boost self-confidence).

But first, we must ask: Can wearing jewellery really boost self-esteem and relieve anxiety, worry and stress?

A heightened sense of confidence and self-worth comes from having a belief in yourself – and this self-belief and increased self-esteem is said to be enhanced by wearing Confidence Jewellery, being something to believe in, and acting as a powerful aide memoir to one’s personal goals and wishes every day.

Anxiety bracelets for example, are intended to take us out of our own head and snap us back to reality . . a physical reminder to stop over-thinking everything and to prevent our anxiety from getting worse. People who suffer from OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) are well aware of this.

However, the designs of our necklaces, bracelets and earrings are based on the principles of faith and belief . . the belief that one’s goals are achievable, whatever they are: It is jewellery with meaning – and it is this meaning that passes on confidence to the wearer. Nowhere is the feeling of belief and achievability more powerful than with jewellery based on faith.

How wearing jewellery can improve self-confidence

Studies have shown that symbolic jewellery based on faith can boost people’s confidence, with many admitting there’s power in a thought made positive by meaningful charms on jewellery . . being a constant reminder of purpose and desires: In addition to any value that these symbols have in themselves, or the religious faith that they might represent, symbolic and meaningful jewellery can also act as a reminder of someone’s aims on a daily basis.

Jewellery to give me confidence

Many items of faith jewellery are said to help reduce stress, such as the simple Catholic Rosary, or Islamic, Buddhist, and Hindu faith charms such as the Hamsa Hand of Fatima.

The point about Confidence Jewellery based on faith is that its sole purpose it to boost self-esteem and give more confidence to the person wearing it with Confidence Bracelets, Confidence Earrings and Confidence Necklaces topping the list.

And this is the principal behind Confidence Jewellery . . imparting a belief that, with a little bit of faith, one’s wishes really can come true – giving strength of purpose to everyday actions to achieve goals.

Give yourself confidence with jewellery

The most popular jewellery for anxiety sufferers in our SHOP is based around religious and spiritual talismans and symbols. Talismanic jewellery (where the necklace, pendant, ring or bracelet is shaped or embellished with some ancient and renowned symbol) is hugely popular these days. For example: Shamballa bracelets, Yin-Yang pendants, symbols of protective Owls and lucky Horseshoes and Ladybirds and, Spain’s protective Indalo Man.

From a more religious point of view, jewellery to help with anxiety feature Guardian Angels, Crosses (Latin, St James, Tau, St Michael, Caravaca, etc), the Scallop Shell of Santiago de Compostela, Saint Christopher pendants, Lourdes water jewellery, and so on. And we specialise in all of these things in our SHOP with our Faith Jewellery .

The Shell in particular is known for its so-called protective qualities, stemming from its ability to provide a safe haven in the dangerous environment of the seas. It is this connection that led it to become a symbol of a strong will . . defiant and stubborn – unmoved by the tides, the winds, and the adverse currents of life. A shell is also said to symbolise strength, commitment and determination along the journey of life: In this sense, it has special meaning to millions of people, and is commonly-used in jewellery to help individuals feel more secure and confident about themselves.

How to help someone combat adversity, hardship, misfortune and ill-health: Give Confidence Jewellery as a gift!

The emphasis of our Jewellery for Confidence is to encourage positivity, optimism, achievement and success – but it can also be ideal to send as a gift to help friends and loved-ones combat any adversity, hardship, misfortune or ill-health in their lives.

We have a lot of jewellery based on faith, like the Christian Cross for example, or Angel charms, the Hamsa, the Caravaca Cross, and so on, but in our SHOP you will find a lot of Confidence Jewellery based on the Shell symbol: The shell has great significance in the Christian faith: The scallop shell in particular is the badge of Baptism, the symbol of The Way of St. James – and the shell’s close association with this Camino de Santiago has propelled it to be the symbol of pilgrimage too.

Jewellery to help with anxiety: What exactly IS jewellery that can help with anxiety?

In a nutshell, jewellery that helps with anxiety is symbolic jewellery that has real significance or meaning to the wearer. The principle is that it gives the wearer more confidence . . because the symbol featured on the jewellery is related to something that the person actually believes in. It doesn’t have to be something religious (although, in our SHOP the majority of our stock is Christian in this respect).

There are countless examples of jewellery in which people put their trust. For example, crystals gemstones, talismans, amulets, and so on. This has been the situation for centuries, dating back to the Ancient Egyptians and beyond: For example, the jewellery found in the tomb of Tutankhamun was based on precious and semi-precious stones: Much of this jewellery was “symbolic” to the Ancient Egyptians and, to this day, jewellery pieces like this make a great gift with meaning for someone who has anxiety.

What jewellery stone is good for anxiety?

The main reason gemstones were worn as body jewellery (and in crowns) in the past, was because people believed in the power it could bestow on the wearer. For example, it was said that Amethyst (the great royal, ecclesiastical and mystical gemstone) calmed the nerves. This “stone of the mind” has been recognised for thousands of years: Moses described Amethyst as a symbol of the Spirit of God and it featured in the official attire of the High Priests of the Ancient Hebrews and Jews. Equally, for many centuries Amethyst has occupied a prominent position in the ornaments of the Catholic clergy – being the stone of bishops and cardinals, and you can find countless examples of Catholic rosaries containing Amethyst. In Tibet, Amethyst is dedicated to Buddha, and a gift of Amethyst is said to impart patience, balance, calmness, and peace.

Many people say that gemstones like this can help people change the way they feel about themselves. Other gems known for their confidence-boosting properties include:

Sodalite: Said to enhance self-esteem and be a calming gem for patience and endurance, Sodalite is often referred to as the stone of peace, helping calm the mind and ease panic attacks and preventing people from becoming too “wound up”. It is said that Sodalite stimulates self-confidence and self-expression, and gives us a sense of calm, helping us to release tension and anxiety. Consequently, Sodalite jewellery makes great jewellery to pass on wishes for calmness and tranquility. It is believed to have soothing energies and help people see the wisdom of adopting a simpler, calmer and less hectic lifestyle.

Citrine: Known as the “Success Stone”, Citrine is said to heighten confidence, creativity and stamina. It is also believed by some that Citrine can help manifest goals and attract abundance and prosperity.

Aventurine is said to help people cope with life’s stresses and strains: It is so well renowned for goal achievement, it is called The Gambler’s Stone. If a dream is worth pursuing, Aventurine is the stone to help. Aventurine is also believed by some to help reduce stress . . relieving anxiety and calming the emotions to bring about inner peace. For this reason, it was (and still is) used by therapists to help people with migraines and high blood pressure. Aventurine jewellery is suitable for any stressful occasion, like sitting an exam, for example, or for a new job, or for a relocation, where stress levels can be high.

Rose Quartz is believed to bring inner peace and harmony . . calming aggression and enhancing sensitivity, compassion, patience and forgiveness, whilst increasing self-esteem and self-confidence. It is said to keep us centred during tense situations, calming our troubled thoughts and soothing the mind.

Aquamarine, known as a symbol of happiness and everlasting youth, is said to be an effective treatment for anxiety and depression and other stress-related problems. It is said to replace anger and negativity with mental peace and clarity, providing the wearer with emotional and mental balance.

Confidence and self-esteem jewellery – bracelets, necklaces and earrings

For those of the Christian faith, we stock a lot of jewellery featuring Christian symbols in our SHOP including St Christopher pendants and necklaces, cufflinks with crosses . . as well as Saint James Cross jewellery and other necklaces, bracelets and earrings. We also stock jewellery featuring the Travellers Cross symbol from the Camino de Santiago (Way of St James) as well as a simple Latin or Christian Cross on various items of jewellery. This is in addition to our lucky horseshoes, ladybirds, owls, Indalos, Hamsas, etc.

In conclusion, the vast majority of our Confidence Jewellery features meaningful symbols, amulets and charms – talismans that people have put their faith in for hundreds (if not thousands) of years. We have Guardian Angels, representations of St Michael, the Caravaca Cross (Cruz de Caravaca), Christian Fish symbols, and so on. We specialise in Scallop Shell jewellery from Spain as well as other faith and solidarity jewellery . . even a smattering of renowned gemstone jewellery as well as la Cruz de Santiago from Santiago de Compostela . . all ideal jewellery to pass on a “Keep Calm” message.

Confidence jewellery: Based on the scallop shell symbol, our Jewellery for Confidence emphasises positivity, optimism, achievement and success - and is also ideal to send as a gift to help friends and loved-ones combat any adversity, hardship, misfortune or ill-health in their lives.