What do Geckos symbolise and is a lizard in the house good luck?

Gecko superstitions

The Gecko brings good luck – so they say: The Spanish and Portuguese, for example, love them and they may put a ceramic of a Gecko (or lizard – the family to which it belongs) on the wall of their home to attract good luck.

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In the Iberian Peninsular, Geckos are more popular as a good luck symbol than the clover or the horseshoe of Northern Europe. Indeed ceramics in the form of lizards and Geckos are commonly hung on houses and offices to bring good luck (and also worn as charms on jewellery).

Ceramic gecko for luck
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What does a Gecko symbolise?

Geckos / lizards of all kinds have a long history representing good luck: And lots of people all over the world regard the Gecko as a guardian of the home. That is to say that: Not only is a Gecko considered lucky, but it is also said to protect the house . . and the family who live there. Why?

Are Geckos good luck?

Although the Gecko is part of the rich culture of good luck in much of South-East Asia (and very forcibly in Hawaii and Polynesia), no-one knows for sure where this belief that these type of lizards bring good luck comes from. They are said to be courageous creatures, brave, intrepid and adventurous. And because of such behaviour, Geckos are also a symbol of a fearless and bold passion, supposedly helping to awaken a fire within us by prioritising pleasure, self-care and connection.

Lucky gecko ceramic

So perhaps a Gecko figurine will help protect us from adversity, pass on its good luck qualities, and make a gift for adventure with good fortune: For a Gecko is said to be blessed with both a passion for life and the good fortune to be able to enjoy it.

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Lucky gecko charm necklace
Lucky Gecko charm necklace

Are Geckos good luck? Some people believe it. So, to the owner of a lucky Gecko: May confidence and good fortune accompany you through the adventure of your life.