Friend retiring? What is a good retirement gift? Send good luck wishes and blessings to a loved-one or work colleague for a long, healthy and happy retirement.

Retirement is usually thought of as giving up work. A person may also semi-retire by reducing working hours.

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In reality, “Retirement” is a fairly new concept that has come about as life expectancy years have increased. Barely a hundred or so years ago, the concept of retirement didn’t even exist. Back then, we had no pensions and low life expectancy. Germany was the first country to introduce the retirement pension – and that was as recent as 1889 – when we still had steam trains!

Happy retirement - with love

Things are very different nowadays and most people in the Western World expect to have some sort of “retirement” in their 60’s or 70’s funded by their savings, their Government and/or their own prudent planning.

Old age - wish luck and good health

But amidst all of this, one thing is certain – retirement means change: No more commuting; Less money and disposable income; Possibly moving house (to somewhere warmer?); Making new friends; Having the chance to travel (at last!). And, when that retirement day finally comes it is usually welcomed with open arms . . it is something to celebrate.

And what better way to celebrate that with a little party and a retirement gift or two like some ♥ JEWELRY  or a little ♥ GIFT for the HOUSE . It is a good time to give a present that says: Good Luck in your Retirement!

Presents for someone retiring – What is a good retirement gift?

A retirement gift can say Well Done (you made it); Congratulations on a job well done over all the years; Best of luck and prosperity in your later years; Have fun! – you’ve deserved it! Have a Happy Retirement! and of course: Good Luck in Retirement.

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