What is a symbol of faith? Is it religious, symbolising Christianity and a belief in God from the Bible? What about symbols of other religions and symbols of protection, hope or love? What are their meanings and why do we gift them?

A protection symbol is often an amulet or talisman that depicts a well-known symbol of faith (often of a religion).

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Many people believe that such symbols have an almost miraculous power to attract well-being and good fortune and ward off danger and bad (or evil) things. They usually take the form of the owner’s professed faith – ie. religious and could be Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, or whatever. People hope that these symbols will attract positive things into their lives and protect them from negative happenings such as accidents, poor health, robberies and violence.

There are numerous protection symbols from cultures all around the world. People use them on jewellery so they can carry them about their person in their daily lives. This is particularly true for people who are travelling – when a protection charm, necklace or travel bracelet, given as a good luck gift helps reinforce this idea of spiritual protection from harm (and possibly even helps to ensure their security) whilst they are travelling on their journey.

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Protection symbols and Christian faith

Many religions have specific Gods or Saints associated with luck and travel protection or safety. In the Christian faith, for example, you will find St Christopher, a well-known guardian figure thought to offer protection and safekeeping to travellers, and a St Christopher bracelet or necklace is commonplace amongst travellers.

St Christopher necklace for safe travels
St Christopher necklace for safe travels

More Catholic symbols and meanings include symbols of Jesus, the Cross (Latin, or St James or Caravaca for example), the Christian Fish (Ichthus), and even St Dunstan’s horseshoe. The numerous symbols of Christianity and all religions bear witness to the trust people place in these God symbols or real protection symbols. In Ireland, a strongly Catholic society, they tell travellers: “May the strength of three be in your journey”, the Three being The Holy Trinity of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. And out of this comes the idea of the Shamrock: The three leaves of the shamrock are also said to stand for faith, hope and love. It is a symbol of Ireland and Saint Patrick, Ireland’s patron Saint, is said to have used it as this metaphor for the Christian Holy Trinity.

Caravaca crosses of Catholic Christian faith
Caravaca crosses of Catholic Christian faith

But it is not only Christian people or those of the Catholic faith who use symbols of faith for protection. Indeed, although Catholic symbols and meanings are commonplace, symbols of faith in a God can be found all over the world and people get faith symbol tattoos, spiritual protection stones, and so on, hoping for some sort of “other-worldly” protection and safekeeping from danger and harm.

Safe travel gifts based on symbols of Guardian Angels, the Star of David, The Hamsa, El Indalo and the Anchor, for example, in addition to Gemstones, have always been used to help boost the notion of protection, safety and safekeeping, and gifted accordingly when the occasion arises.

Protection symbols for the home

People also place what they perceive as magical protection symbols on buildings and in their homes. All cultures and religions have these symbols of protection. But without faith, these symbols are meaningless. The Hamsa Hand of Fatima, for example (a symbol that is recognised across many faiths and religions) is evidently carried as a proof that God actually exists.

Help protect your home Ichthus

Here is a list of some religious symbols of faith and protection:

Guardian Angel. Crosses: Latin, Celtic, Caravaca, etc. St Christopher. St James. Ichthus Christian Fish. Star of David. Anchor. Indalo. Hamsa. St Dunstan’s Horseshoe. Butterfly

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A faith or protection charm, necklace or travel bracelet, given as a good luck gift helps reinforce the idea of spiritual protection from harm and perhaps even helps to ensure someone’s security – whether they are travelling on a journey, going to work, or simply sitting quietly at home.