Can jewellery attract love and affection? Does jewellery help to bond people as best friends? What jewellery symbolises friendship?

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Jewellery for Friendship and Love
Jewellery for love, friendship, friends and affection

What jewellery symbolises friendship?

We have all heard of friendship bracelets made popular in the late 1960’s era of love. They were usually woven out of cotton (or silk) threads and made into intricate and colourful patterns with origins in the Native Indian culture of North America including chevrons or diamond patterns.

But this is not usually termed “jewellery” as such and, whereas there were certain rules of friendship bracelets (like each person tying-on their friend’s bracelet and wearing it night and day until it broke), friendship jewellery as a whole has no etiquette, it is simply meaningful jewellery for a friend, loved-one or colleague.

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Contrast this with so-called Love Jewellery which tends to signify more of a romantic element:

What jewellery means love?

Love is one of the strongest emotions known to man; it is attraction; it is pleasure; it is a passionate desire and it is an emotional closeness. In romantic relationships, when people have a crush on one another, the brain releases certain chemicals, including pheromones, dopamine and serotonin, which stimulate the brain’s pleasure centre and lead to increased heart rate, loss of appetite and sleep, and an intense feeling of excitement.

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However this early stage of an amorous relationship is usually temporary and, with time, another stage or feeling sets in – that of a more passive affection . . slowly changing to a long-term commitment to a partner. This more general attachment is the bonding that promotes relationships and can last many years – even decades. It results in long-term commitments such as marriage and children.

One of the most common symbols of love is the heart and, although it can express a number of sentiments including an amorous love connection (you are offering (to give) your heart), it can also be given to a friend to express an emotional attachment towards the other person (and possibly the desire for a more romantic relationship).

The symbol of the heart is understood by all, especially romantic lovers, and love jewellery pieces such as love earrings, love necklaces and love bracelets are gifted by millions every day all over the world.

Gift a friend or loved-one a piece of love jewellery, and you are gifting them some of your innermost feelings. In return, you may hope to receive some recognition of your emotional expression.

But Jewellery for Love can also express feelings of compassion and human kindness: It can simply be sign of affection, or a gift of unselfish, loyal and benevolent concern for a friend . . the affection of human kindness and compassion: It is here that the crossover occurs from Jewellery for Love to Jewellery for Affection or Friendship.

Is it okay to buy jewellery for a friend?

Jewellery for friendships allows someone to express their feelings without the fear of judgement: You are signalling a relationship between yourself and another person who you think holds a mutual affection. You want to be together because it makes you feel good and you hope that they are similarly happy in your company. You trust one another – an implicit part of friendship, and one friend can rely on the other in the friendship to be honest, understanding and compassionate. A true friend is someone you can trust and rely on – especially for emotional support.

A friend like this can be a good acquaintance, a family member, or even a work colleague whose company you enjoy and towards whom you feel some sort of affection. In the ideal friendship, there is an equal contribution towards the relationship and hopefully mutual give and take. “The only way to have a good friend is to be one,” is often quoted, and a good friend will want only what is good for the other person. They regard each other with liking, affection, loyalty . . and sometimes intimacy. Friendship jewellery given as a gift can mean so much. Affection is something that flows back and forth – something that one both gives and receives.

Friendship Necklaces, Earrings and Bracelets

Do you want to pass on a message to a special person in your life?
“I am your friend . . and I care.”
“I think about you a lot and I want what is best for you.”
“You are my special or best friend.”

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Finally, people sometimes ask:

“Can jewellery attract love?”

The answer to that question is an enigma. Many people believe, for example that crystal gems / gemstones can attract love: Consequently they buy and wear love bracelets made of Rose Quartz, Moonstone, Green Aventurine, Garnet and so on in the hope that it will somehow draw friends and potential lovers towards them. But what bracelets attract love? Can Green Aventurine for example, really attract love? Which crystal is best for attracting love? Nothing has ever been proved in this respect but people always have hope! It is said that Rose Quartz is a powerful love crystal and it is sometimes called the “love stone”.

So, love . . affection .. friendship . . passion . . intimacy . . romance . . or simply emotional closeness, familial love or support . . whatever you are looking for, it could do no harm to invest in an item of jewellery purportedly for love, friendship, friends and affection.

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