Gifts for good luck travelling

Good luck travel gifts and jewellery . . something to wish luck travelling

Bon voyage and good luck! So goes the saying to wish someone good luck on their travels. Also: Have a good trip! Have a great journey . . Good luck on your trip . . and so on.

Why do we say this? And why do we give good luck travel gifts and jewellery, and leaving presents for someone going travelling?

Good luck Have a safe trip
Good luck! Have a safe trip!
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Travel good luck charms

Luck is a strange concept: It is well known that many people carry a lucky charm or talisman like a lucky horseshoe, clover, ladybird or Indalo, for example. Millions of people (possibly billions) believe in luck. The British Museum has a complete collection of lucky charms dating back centuries. Some of the most powerful people in the world believe in good luck charms: President Roosevelt carried one in his jacket. Napoleon carried a lucky coin; and during his election campaign, Barack Obama carried an array of good luck charms in his pocket. But why? Because they believed it would work to bring them the things they wanted, achieving their goals and making them happy.


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Horseshoe earring charm luck travelling

So, by wishing someone Good Luck on their journey, you are willing them to success in their adventure, and for them to have a great time, achieve what they want, and be happy with that. No one can fault this sentiment – and it is a sentiment that is so strongly desired to express and pass on, that people also decide to add a little gift too . . a little good luck present or lucky travel talisman to accompany their declarations or wishes of good luck on someone’s journey.

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Gifts that bring good luck

But what exactly IS good luck? And how can we gift it? Although there is no exact definition, many people think that luck is best explained as the faith that people have in it . . they expect good luck . . that is, they BELIEVE in it.

Good luck travel charms

So, the idea of a good luck travel gift (like a piece of charm jewellery, for example) is to reinforce this aspiration for someone to have a great trip – so that that person (your friend or loved-one) subconsciously believes that they will indeed be lucky and have a great time whilst travelling – without incident, and without misfortune. We give a journey gift as some sort of token, talisman or symbol to hopefully make our friends or loved-ones actually BELIEVE that they will be lucky and attract good fortune along their journey.

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And this is where good luck travel charms and talismans come in . . said to reinforce the positive energy of belief (in this case, in travel good luck). That is presumably why we buy these good luck travel gifts and give them to friends and loved-ones before they set off on their journey – a special leaving present for someone going travelling.

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At some point in our lives, most of us have possessed a little lucky charm, amulet or talisman. This is particularly true amongst sports people, politicians and actors. Michael Jordan, the famous Chicago Bulls basketball star, spent his entire NBA career wearing his old University of North Carolina shorts under his team shorts – for good luck.

Going away gifts for travellers

In our online shop, you can buy a range of good luck charms and travel talismans – mostly based on time-honoured symbols that people have put their faith in for generations – particularly on items of jewellery such as necklaces and bracelets. Many of them are related to religious beliefs and spiritual symbols – but not all. These are SPECIFICALLY intended to strengthen a belief in good fortune and intended to help our friends and loved-ones avoid bad luck by hopefully giving them that extra faith and belief.

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Happy journey gifts

So a good luck travel bracelet, a St James cross necklace, a St Christopher pendant, some Scallop shell earrings, an Indalo symbol, a Shambhala bracelet, a piece of jewellery featuring a four-leafed clover, etc . . whatever you think is most suitable for your friend or loved-one on their proposed adventure, makes a great good luck travel gift.

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Bon voyage and good luck!

So-called ‘lucky people’ trust their intuition and gut feelings. They look forward to the future because they assume it will be filled with good fortune. But there’s more to it than that. Since lucky people are optimistic about how things will turn out, they tend to be positive in their interactions with others or and therefore foster the very conditions that make a positive outcome more likely. And so good fortune, for them, becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy! The people who believe they are lucky have greater success because this ‘lucky filter’ in their minds alerts them to seize the opportunities in front of them. And when they hit a bad patch? Well, because they always expect things to turn out well in the end, they’re able to ride it out until the tide turns in their favour. Which, of course, makes them remarkably resilient . . and lucky!

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“Have a nice trip”

So, a going away gift for travellers . . some little lucky charm (some good luck travel jewellery, for example), is a great idea because it strengthens someone’s belief in good fortune which, in turn, probably leads to a more successful and happy journey.

Good luck travel charm gifts are said to reinforce the positive energy of belief in good fortune on a journey