Gifts like anxiety bracelets and necklaces, fidget jewellery, etc, for someone who worries, can be a lifesaver for people who are stressed about going out.

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Jewelry that could help with anxiety

There are a lot of anxious people and so in various online shops you will find so-called gifts to help with anxiety – products for sale on the internet that are said to help reduce this anxiety. For example: Aromatic candles, essential oil diffusers and Buddhist lamps, acupressure mats, soothing “anxiety” teas, a sun lamp, incense burners, bath kits, weighted blanket, honey sticks, and so on.

But what about when these same people want to go outdoors? Lots of people are anxious about going outside and the only anti-anxiety measures they can take to help them stay calm is some sort of pill (a natural remedy like Valerian root or Ashwagandha, or a prescribed drug such as Valium (diazepam), Librium (chlordiazepoxide), or Ativan (lorazepam) – to name but a few.

But how about finding something for anxiety relief that you can actually carry around with you that doesn’t involve chemicals? Something perhaps, one can put faith in to see you through . . jewellery to help with anxiety perhaps?

What exactly IS jewellery than could help with anxiety?

In a nutshell, it is symbolic jewellery that has real significance or meaning to the wearer. (A simple Latin cross is just such a thing for a Christian believer.) The principle is that it gives the owner more confidence . . because the symbol encapsulated by the jewellery is related to something they actually believe in. But it doesn’t have to be something religious (although, in our  SHOP  the majority of our stock is Christian in this respect):

There are countless other examples of jewellery in which people put their trust. For example, crystals gems and other jewels, talismans, amulets, and so on. This has been the situation for centuries, dating back to the Ancient Egyptians and beyond – as witnessed by the ornaments and jewellery found in Tutankhamun’s tomb, a lot of it based on precious and semi-precious stones. Much of this jewellery was “symbolic” and to this day, jewellery pieces like this make a great gift with meaning for someone who has anxiety.

So let’s consider what jewellery is good for anxiety, and let’s start with which stone is best for anxiety:

As we know, the main reason gemstones were worn as body jewellery (and in crowns) in the past, was because people believed in the power it could bestow on the wearer. For example, it was said that Amethyst (the great royal, ecclesiastical and ‘mystical’ gemstone) calmed the nerves. This “stone of the mind” has been recognised for thousands of years in this respect: Moses described Amethyst as a symbol of the Spirit of God and it featured in the official attire of the High Priests of the Hebrews and Jews. Equally, for many centuries it has occupied a prominent position in the ornaments of the Catholic clergy – being the stone of bishops and cardinals and you can find countless examples of Catholic rosaries containing Amethyst. In Tibet, Amethyst is dedicated to Buddha, and a gift of Amethyst is said to impart patience, balance, calmness, and peace. Read more about  Amethyst  (said to be good for exams and competitions).

Rose Quartz is another gemstone that is said to keep us centred during tense situations, calming our troubled thoughts and soothing the mind. Rose Quartz is believed to bring inner peace and harmony, and so calming aggression and enhancing sensitivity, compassion, patience and forgiveness, whilst increasing self-esteem and self-confidence. Read more about the so-called calming effects of  Rose Quartz  and why it’s also known as the Lover’s Stone

Other prominent stones said to be good for anxiety are Sodalite, Tigers Eye, Aventurine and Aquamarine:

Sodalite is often referred to as the stone of peace, helping calm the mind and ease panic attacks and preventing people from becoming too “wound up”. It is said that Sodalite stimulates self-confidence and self-expression, and gives us a sense of calm, helping us to release tension and anxiety. Consequently, Sodalite jewellery makes a great gift to pass on wishes for calmness and tranquility. It is believed to have soothing energies to help people see the wisdom of adopting a simpler, calmer and less hectic lifestyle. Read more about  Sodalite  and why it is supposed to be good for keeping us calm in interviews, business and presentations.

Aventurine is also believed to reduce stress . . relieving anxiety and calming the emotions to bring about inner peace. For this reason it was (and still is) used by therapists to help people with migraines and high blood pressure. Aventurine jewellery is a suitable gift for any stressful occasion – like sitting an exam, for example, or for a new job, or for a relocation, where stress levels can be high. Read more about  Aventurine  – said to be good for reducing stress, relieving anxiety and calming the emotions.

Aquamarine, known as a symbol of happiness and everlasting youth, is also said to be an effective treatment for anxiety and depression and other stress-related problems. It is said to replace anger and negativity with mental peace and clarity, providing the wearer with emotional and mental balance. Read more about  Aquamarine  for anxious travellers and how it is said to have a soothing effect on relationships.

But what about other types of anti-anxiety jewellery . . jewellery that may help alleviate some of the symptoms of anxiety?

Who remembers worry beads? The aim of so-called worry or fidget jewellery is to occupy the mind so that the anxiety brought about by our surroundings is dulled by the fidgeting activity. Anxiety bracelets are intended to take us out of our own head and snap us back to reality . . a physical reminder to stop over-thinking everything and to prevent anxiety from getting worse. People who suffer from OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) are well aware of this.

Nowadays, we have worry rings and worry stones too – in fact anything that you can fiddle with to take your mind off what is in fact worrying you. Worry stones are in fashion because they combine the physical aspect of fiddling with something for distraction, with the much-vaunted power of gemstones, crystals and other natural products of nature. Worry stones allow you to gently caress the anxiety away: They are easy to carry around and small enough not to be noticed – making them the perfect gift for the chronic worrier.

Stacked bracelets are another popular means of helping someone with anxiety, as are beaded bracelets, necklaces, and necklaces with lockets or other moving parts. Combine such a thing with a symbol of faith, and you have the perfect gift for anxiety (witness Rosary beads of the Catholic faith).

Other jewellery gifts to help with anxiety

Do anxiety bracelets, wristbands and the like really work? These stress-reducing motivators are not exactly a cure for anxiety; they are used more for relaxation.

Without doubt, the most popular gifts for anxiety sufferers in our  SHOP  are based around talismans and symbols – in particular, religious and other symbolic jewellery. Talismanic jewellery (where the necklace, pendant, ring or bracelet is shaped or embellished with some ancient and renowned symbol) is hugely popular these days. They fall into two categories: Religious Jewellery and Non-Religious Jewellery.

Examples of the latter are Shamballa bracelets, Yin-Yang pendants, symbols of protective Owls and lucky Horseshoes and Ladybirds, for example, as well as Spain’s protective Indalo man. These can be classified as ’Spiritual Jewellery’

Gift to help with Anxiety - Guardian Angel
Gift to help with Anxiety? A Guardian Angel necklace.

Examples of Religious Jewellery to help with anxiety feature Guardian Angels, Crosses (Latin, St James, Tau, St Michael, etc), the Scallop Shell of Santiago de Compostela, Saint Christopher pendants, Lourdes water jewellery, and so on. And we specialise in all of these things in our  SHOP .

When customers buy symbolic jewellery as a gift from our online store, we see from the various attendant messages that they are wanting to gift their friend or loved-one confidence and pass on a message to say that they are loved and that people are thinking about them and caring. Such messages of love, support, caring, and friendship which say “I’m thinking of you” and “I care”, are very popular. (We allow customers to compose their own personalised messages when they buy something from our shop online, which we then print out onto a gift card and mail with the gift.)

Other leading gifts for someone with anxiety (that are bought in our  SHOP ) tend to revolve around wishes for safety. In other words, people are buying gifts and jewellery which they hope will help to keep a loved-one or friend safe.

What is jewellery to help me feel safe?

A good example of so-called “Safety Jewellery” is a piece of St. Christopher jewellery . . ideal for someone travelling . . wishing them a safe journey and a secure return.

St Christopher  is the Patron Saint of Travellers and one of the most popular Saints in modern times. According to legend, St Christopher was a giant of a man (over seven feet tall) who said that he wanted to serve “the greatest king there ever was”. Ultimately this led him to Christianity and it is said that he ended up carrying Jesus across a dangerous river. BUT, is it safe to travel at all at the moment?

Gifts for the anxious traveller: How can I feel safe travelling?

A Saint that people of the Christian faith trust to keep them safe when they are anxious about their well-being is  St Michael  . . reputed to fight evil with his powers of good – and therefore feted to provide protection to all who call upon him, especially those who are travelling on a journey or facing a crisis. He is the archetypal Guardian Angel protector and well-respected in the USA where he is the Patron Saint of Police Officers and Service Men and Women in all the Armed Services.

But, in many ways, all the above can be encapsulated under one single heading:

Jewellery for good luck

As a company, we have been in the Good Luck Gifts business for many years and the crossover between wishing someone Good Luck and telling them to Stay Safe, Be Calm, and Take Care, with a small gift, is minimal.

During the pandemic we introduced a range of jewellery to make a gift to pass on a Keep Safe message to friends and loved-ones which could perhaps help give them a bit of confidence . . and tell them that you are there for them and thinking about them – especially if they were anxious to go out: The impact of global isolation policies has been widespread – in particular it has effected the old and the young: The elderly have suffered lockdown policies that saw them more or less incarcerated in their homes for months on end. Youngster have suffered through a lack of comprehension about what was occurring and who are now faced with the prospect of going back to school or college with “Back to school anxiety”.

Student stress and returning to school after lockdown

Many children were nervous about going back to school after the worldwide pandemic. But there were several things that helped these anxious youngsters: First, it was important to accept that it was OK to feel anxious about going out again: Nobody should feel alone in this respect. It is also important that we look after ourselves – our body and our spirit, and to do things that we enjoy. We were able to talk to our children and reassure them that things would indeed get better. Getting lots of sleep and avoiding, where possible, using drugs and alcohol is also a good idea. It is said that the fear of stepping out of the house is simply agoraphobia, but this isn’t completely accurate. Typically, people with agoraphobia avoid situations because they are frightened of having a panic attack.  We think that giving a loved-one a little gift to say Take Care, or Stay Safe can make them feel better. The reaction to receiving such a gift is often “Wow, that person really cares about me!” and this can only be a good thing. Feeling wanted and having someone showing that they care leads to feelings of security.

Jewellery to help with anxiety

For those of the Christian faith, we stock a lot of jewellery featuring Christian symbols in our  SHOP  including keep safe necklaces and other jewellery, St Christopher pendants and necklaces, cufflinks with crosses . . as well as Saint James Cross jewellery and other necklaces, bracelets and earrings. We also stock Keep Safe jewellery featuring the Travellers Cross symbol from the Camino de Santiago (Way of St James) as well as a simple Latin or Christian Cross on various items of jewellery. We also stock lucky horseshoes, ladybirds, owls, Indalos, Hamsas, etc.

The vast majority of our gifts feature meaningful symbols, amulets and charms – talismans that people have put their faith in for hundreds (if not thousands) of years. We even have Guardian Angels, representations of St Michael, the Caravaca Cross (Cruz de Caravaca), Christian Fish symbols, and so on. We specialise in Scallop Shell jewellery from Spain as well as other faith and solidarity jewellery . . even a smattering of renowned gemstone jewellery said to offer protection, as well as la Cruz de Santiago from Santiago de Compostela . . all ideal jewellery to pass on a “Keep Calm” and “Stay Safe” message.

Anxiety bracelets, necklaces and other jewellery can help anxious people who are stressed about going out