Can jewellery offer the promise of money, wealth and protection from financial hardship?

Jewellery for prosperity and wealth
Is jewellery for prosperity and wealth real?

Some people believe so, yes. And why not? Over the centuries mankind has come to believe in all sorts of things: You only have to look at the plethora of religious faiths and beliefs . . and the jewellery associated with it. But jewellery that offers the hope of prosperity and wealth? You can see some such jewellery in our SHOP

What we are really talking about here is “protection” jewellery; that is, jewellery that is believed by some to offer protection against financial hardship.

People wear religious jewellery ostensibly to protect them against bad things happening and/or actual physical harm – by accident, illness, injury or bad health: So why not wear jewellery to protect yourself against debt, financial problems and a general shortage of money?

Prosperity jewellery

For example, our Indalo Próspero jewellery has real meaning to those suffering from hard times or financial hardship. Representing the promise of wealth and abundance to many people (particularly in southern Spain), this jewellery could be ideal for someone who is hard up and needs a break . . someone in debt who needs money to get out of their current financial difficulties.

Our Indalo Próspero jewellery is a reflection of this belief and is intended to encourage people who would like to increase their good fortune.

Gemstones for prosperity

In addition to our prosperity jewellery based on the Indalo, there are some gemstones that are touted to attract wealth and prosperity: Jade, Rose Quartz, Tigers Eye, Amazonite, Citrine, and Aventurine, for example.

Prosperity necklaces and prosperity bracelets

Consequently, in our SHOP you are able to wish someone prosperity, wealth and success by sending them a good luck gift based on the Indalo Próspero talisman or so-called powerful crystals for wealth and other stones / gemstones for prosperity:

Indalo Próspero - a small collection of jewellery specifically aimed at promoting prosperity, wealth and success: It is always difficult when financial problems arise but our Indalo Próspero jewellery representing wealth, abundance and success is intended to help someone who is a bit short of money and/or struggling financially, who would like to increase their general good fortune.