What is the best moving house gift? Housewarming presents are ideal to say Good Luck in your new home or when relocating

In many parts of the world, it is considered good luck when moving house if it rains . . a sort of blessing showered on the new home! But natural occurrences aside, we all like to pass on our best wishes to someone moving house.

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Housewarming gift for luck in new home
Moving house gifts

So what are considered the best housewarming gifts for luck in the new home?

One tradition that has come from the East is the gifting of a small elephant charm. The elephant is a form of Ganesha who is the God of luck, wealth and protection: Place an elephant charm (or little statuette) in the home, with its trunks up, preferably near the door (and probably facing inward) to attract good fortune into the new house

Elephant charm for good fortune in house
Elephant charms said to bring good luck

In Feng Shui too, elephants are said to bring in good luck. (They are also sometimes placed facing outward at the door, to protect the home by stopping bad things from entering.)

Good luck in this new home
Good luck in THIS new home!

What else brings good luck to a new home?

Some plants and herb symbols are considered to bring good luck into the house and make great housewarming gifts. The lucky Clover is one of these, as is the Bamboo, Irish Moss, Aloe Vera and Catnip – so something else that could be taken to the house warming party!

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Orchids bring good luck house
Orchids said to bring good luck in new home

For people in southeast Spain, the lucky Indalo Man is considered a good moving house gift or present for a housewarming party. The Indalo symbol is recognised in southern Spain as a symbol of protection and good fortune. Even today, in the small village pueblos that lie hidden behind the giant sierras that roll down to the Mediterranean shores, the Indalo is known for its supposed good luck and protection qualities.

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For Jewish people (and others too) salt is said to be good for house move luck – with some bread too, probably, passing on wishes for prosperity and success in the new location.

Talisman for house move luck
Wall talisman for house move luck

Good luck in your new home

Don’t forget to wish your friend, loved-one, or work colleague who is moving house “Good Luck in Your New Home” and give them some advice (and perhaps a small present!) about what makes a successful relocation. For example:

* Lighting a candle on the first night in a new home is said to bring light into the house . . and cast out darkness, chasing away any shadows of evil, pain or sorrow that possibly existed before you moved in. In some religions it is common to say a short prayer at the same time.

* Obtain a small statuette or figurine of a guardian angel, or lucky animal (like a tortoise, gecko or elephant) and place it in the garden or near the door: Invite it to safeguard your home, and give thanks for your good fortune. In the Far East it is common to offer sustenance to such figurines like a Buddha statuette, and even construct a little dwelling place for it.

* Sprinkle some salt on the floor and threshold (and perhaps some rice and a few coins for prosperity): It is said that that salt has the power to repel evil spirits and keep your home safe against black magic.

* Burn a small sprig of White Sage sage to dispel any evil spirits and negativity.

* And then, ring a little hand bell to summon good fortune!

But from where do all these traditions and superstitions come regarding good luck moving house and bringing a lucky gift for the new house when arriving at the housewarming?

Well, the Chinese can be attributed with much of this (for example, in China, Orchids are believed to bring good luck and prosperity to a household): But luck superstitions can be found worldwide. And whatever your beliefs, it is probably the actual gesture of giving good luck housewarming gifts that means the most to the new homeowner.

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What brings good luck to a new home? Well, it’s considered good luck to move on a rainy day! But good luck relocation presents are traditionally based on plants or animal or other lucky symbols.