Gifts to wish SAFEKEEPING travelling on a trip

Why wish someone safety and protection while away? Why gift something for protection and safekeeping on a journey – to a friend or loved-one who is going away travelling?

You can see a few  KEEP SAFE GIFTS  in our SHOP but, in general, it’s true to say that people have concerns when a loved-one goes travelling and often ask these questions. So how do you allay your fears about the safekeeping of a friend or loved-one travelling on a trip? How to you tell them your concerns about their safety – in a way that they will not dismiss as over-protective or silly? How do you actually try to ensure that they remain secure and protected whilst travelling on their journey – whether on holiday or for work or for some other reason?

Travel bracelets wishing safekeeping

A gift to wish Safe Travels can be a good idea, especially a gift with spiritual or religious significance (See some ♥  SAFE TRAVEL GIFTS / JEWELLERY  in our online shop )

Safe travel gift ideas

But wouldn’t it be nice to gift something to wish safe travels and safekeeping that really worked!

Well, in a way, you can: By giving a friend or loved-one a Safe Travels bracelet (for example), they will be REMINDED of your concerns while they are travelling and so, hopefully, take extra care.

Tennessee Williams said that “Luck is believing you are lucky” and many people admit that there is a power in a thought made positive by a lucky charm symbol – being a constant reminder of purpose and desires. And so it is also with a lucky charm travel bracelet (or other piece of jewellery) to wish someone a safe journey: In addition to any value in the lucky charm symbol itself, or the religious faith that it might represent, a gift to wish safe travels can actually act as a REMINDER TO BE CAREFUL. And this can be very important and a powerful aid to staying safe while away from home.

Safe travels bracelet
Safe travels bracelet ft St James cross

For some of the best charms and talismans to wish a safe journey:

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Safe travel jewelry

Whilst people warn you not to carry large amounts of cash or jewellery when travelling, what we are talking about here is personal safety . . and jewelry to inspire safe travel – not actual travel inspired jewellery nor jewelry for travel lovers: In other words, we mean safe travel jewelry featuring talismans for safe travel, safe travel charms and other travel jewellery such as St Christopher necklaces, charm bracelets, rings, etc, and jewellery for travellers that features a protection talisman including St Michael, St James (from El Camino – and the Concha de Vieira too), Guardian Angels, Spain’s lucky Indalo, and so on.

For example, lots of people put their trust in in the protecting power of Angels and their ability to bring good fortune to difficult or bad situations. The so-called Guardian Angel protector Saint Michael is one case in point – a spirit that is said to watch over and protect someone. The Guardian Angel concept has existed for centuries and can be seen in the books of the Hebrew Bible and the Old Testament.

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Gifts to wish safe journey

Children, and younger people in general (especially teenagers), seem to possess not a care in the world for what older people (like parents, grandparents, etc) consider dangerous. OK, travelling ‘abroad’ these days is generally considered safe, and most of our friends and relatives have an incident-free trip when on vacation, or on a business trip, or when travelling on a Gap Year for example. But nonetheless, many parents (and other relatives and friends) want to encourage their loved-ones to take extra care when travelling. They also want to somehow try and bolster their travel safety. How do they do that? Simply say: “Have a safe journey, darling”?

Leaving present for someone going travelling

Older folk know from experience that all travellers can encounter misfortune, accidents and other difficulties – including crime and violence, and so, advising our loved-ones to take extra precautions about their safekeeping – or at least to have a greater level of care when on a journey, is probably a good idea. But some journeys can be harder and more risky than others: Trekking through the African jungle, for example, and generally roughing it, is perceived as less safe than staying in a five star hotel in the city. And what about people who are, genuinely, heading into danger – like our nearest and dearest who are in the armed forces – the army, the navy, and the airforce? Surely they don’t need telling about the dangers of their journey? Well, probably not! But don’t we still want to wish them well on their trip and safe travel anyway?

Safe travel gift ideas

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This is where a little good luck gift (or a recognised safekeeping or protection charm, for example) comes in. It’s a way that we can pass on our concerns for our friends’ well-being and safety in a way that we hope will remind them to take extra care. If we buy a friend or relative a piece of lucky jewellery, for example, like a symbolic dog-tag or travel bracelet, it can mean a lot: It can also remind them of our concerns. Who knows, if the jewellery piece is something meaningful (something religious perhaps, like a Christian Cross, a Guardian Angel, or a St Christopher pendant, say), could it actually help to protect them? Faith can be a powerful thing. And remember, the giving of a gift has an effect on the giver too. It can make US feel better too, knowing that we have done our bit to try and highlight our safety concerns, and in an strange sort of way, maybe help protect them on their journey.

Support on the Way od St James

Safe travel wishes and symbols

So, how can we really ensure that our friends and loved-ones are indeed safe on their travels? The answer is: We can’t! So where does this leave the concept of buying gifts to wish safekeeping whilst travelling on a trip? In an effort to make us (and them) feel better about the whole journeying experience, we take to wising them good luck on their journey with phrases like “Safe travels”, “ I wish you a safe trip”, “Have a safe journey”, and so on. Accompanying these sentiments with a little good luck gift – a lucky token of some sort, or a protection charm, necklace or travel bracelet, helps reinforce this message and possibly even helps to ensure the security of the recipient whilst they are travelling on their journey. How so?

Travel protection charm

For many people, it is a matter of faith. Many religions have specific Gods or Saints associated with luck and travel protection or safety. In the Christian faith, for example, you will find various Saints who are said to protect travellers: The St Christopher charm for example, is well-known as a safe travel talisman, thought to offer protection and safekeeping for travellers. For many years St Christopher has been the Patron Saint of travellers, and adornments depicting him carrying baby Jesus on his shoulders across the river, have been worn as charm jewellery, or attached to vehicles setting off on a long or difficult journey. In reality, there are many safe travel gift ideas, but the religious ones based on faith or belief seem to be the most popular.

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Prayer for safekeeping

“Christ with me, Christ before me, Christ behind me, Christ in me . . . is a prayer of protection for Christian travellers . . as is Psalm 23 in the Bible: “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want . . willing people to travel in safety, protected from harm and other general misfortunes along the way by their faith in God.

For some of the best charms and talismans . .

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In our online shop you can buy quite a few such religious / Christian charms – pieces of jewellery like Saint Christopher pendants, Guardian angel charms, St James Crosses (Cruces de Santiago), Scallop shell necklaces and bracelets, and ordinary Christian Crosses, to wish safe travel.

“Have a safe trip”, we say, or “Have a safe journey – return safely soon”, or “Have a safe flight”: All these wishes, when accompanied by a small token of someone’s faith or belief, is much more powerful, and full of meaning. A gift to wish a safe flight might seem excessive these days, but why not?

Good luck charms for safe travel

People with more secular beliefs, also consider that good luck on a journey is important – and perhaps they too will want to gift someone a simple lucky protection charm. Prof. Wiseman, of the University of Hertfordshire in Britain, did a scientific study over 10 years to determine the nature of luck and concluded that, to a greater extent, people make their own good and bad fortune in life and, in fact, if someone BELIEVES that they will be lucky, then they will be. So, if you give someone a gift of a so-called lucky charm to help them overcome the dangers of travelling then, according to this study, there is a good chance that they will in fact remain safe on their journey . . because they believe it themselves (and belief can be very powerful). Adopting a resilient attitude to travel is thought to convert unlucky situations into lucky ones.

Talisman for safe travel

By giving a small present such as a good luck charm or talisman for safe travel, to a friend or loved-one before they set off on their trip, and wishing them good luck, can enforce this idea. Not only does it make US feel better in ourselves as the gifter, but it also makes the person receiving the present feel more confident (and therefore more risk-free). Going away gifts for travellers with symbols for travel protection are believed to actually help.

Symbol for travel protection

There are of course lots of examples of protection talismans, good luck charms and safekeeping symbols – and many can be found in Spain (and of course in our shop): Not all are of a religious nature but, being a largely Catholic country, lots are: There is the Catholic symbol of St James – originating from “El Camino” in the northwest of the country: The St James cross is commonly given to wish someone a safe trip: “Buen Camino – Have a happy and safe journey!” people say, and give them a little “Cruz de Santiago” to help them on their way.

Angel travel charm offers safekeeping

There is also the famous Scallop Shell symbol of la Concha de Vieira – also found on the Way of St James, El Camino de Santiago. It makes a great lucky travel charm – a gift to wish safekeeping whilst travelling on any journey. In Murcia further to the south of the country, you will find the city of origin of the Caravaca Cross (which is another protection charm that people like to wear – said offer protection against evil and to attract good fortune). The aura surrounding the “Vera Cruz” as it is known, is undeniable, and many who have worshipped in the side chapel where the cross is housed in the city of Caravaca, are said to have been touched by an overwhelming sense of peace.

Caravaca cross necklace

Further south yet again (although still in Spain), you will find the lucky Indalo Man – recognised in quite a few places around the world as a protection and good luck symbol. It is said that the name is related to the old Iberian phrase, Indal Eccius, meaning Messenger of the Gods, and the little Indalo charm is sometimes considered a guardian angel (a bit like a St. Christopher) and so worn by travellers, offering protection from harm, and good luck on a journey.

St James safekeeping dogtag

Gifts to wish safe flight and travel

Security can be defined as resilience against, or freedom from, danger or harm by external forces. Vulnerability, on the other hand, is probably best defined as an inability to withstand the effects of any hostile external forces. None of us wants our loved-ones to be vulnerable and, on the basis that confidence and self-assuredness overcomes a lot of misadventure, we give our friends and loved-ones good luck gifts, lucky protection charms, travel bracelets and pendants: Many of these charms are denotive of Saints and other deities (or some other symbols of good fortune), and they are intended to help our friends along their journey, and to show that we really care for them – whilst hoping at the same time that someone will watch out for them, and care for them, when required.

Safe Travel Whistles
Our Safe Travel Whistles featuring the Travellers Cross© symbol

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We all want that our friends and loved-ones travel in safety, to have a safe flight, etc, and nowhere is this more apparent than in the giving of gifts to wish safekeeping travelling on a trip or something else to wish them “Safe travels” and protection on their journey.

Belief runs deep and carrying a lucky charm representing a Saint, deity, or another symbol said to offer protection and safekeeping whilst travelling, is commonplace.