Meaningful gifts for a special occasion

Jewellery pieces and gifts for special event occasions

An event is a “happening” – nothing special about that you might think. But if that event could have a profound impact on someone’s life, then we might want to wish that someone “Good Luck” for that event – and we have lots of gifts in our shop to do just that. (See our article about the events in our day-to-day lives for which peole like to send luck and best wishes . . “Good Luck moving house”, “Good luck in your exam”, “Good luck on your trip”, etc)

On the other hand, some events in our lives are special . . and we call those special events or occasions – for example, Mother’s Day, a Christening, a Wedding, etc.

Special occasion gift

People usually decide themselves what particular event is a special happening, but the most recognised and celebrated occasions are:

♥  Mothers Day    ♥  Fathers Day    ♥  Birthday    ♥  Christmas / Xmas    ♥  Easter    ♥  Graduation    ♥  Engagement    ♥  Wedding    ♥  Anniversary    ♥   Holy Communion / Confirmation    ♥  Valentines    ♥  Thanksgiving    ♥  New Start / New Beginnings    ♥  Baptism / Christening    ♥  Baby Shower / Blessing   ♥

Ceramic butterfly figurine

You can buy jewellery / gifts with real meaning for all these occasions in our online  ♥ SHOP .

Our gifts (particularly the jewellery pieces, and gifts from Spain) have meanings based on traditional and well-known symbols, charms and talismans from around the world.