Are TURTLES and tortoises GOOD LUCK?

Turtle good luck charm: What is the symbolic meaning of a Turtle or Tortoise?

Many people view the turtle or tortoise as lucky.

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All tortoises are turtles in the sense that they are Testudines – reptiles having bodies encased in a hard shell. So when we consider the ancient cultural references to these lovely creatures, we can view both of them as lucky. The Japanese in particular think the tortoise is lucky. A tortoise placed near the back door of a house is said to attract good fortune.

Tortoise for good luck
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What does the turtle represent?

Apart from being thought of as very lucky, they also symbolise strength, longevity and hope. They are symbolic of a steadfast tranquility – safe in the knowledge that they can survive during bad times until things improve for the better.

Charming tortoise

What is the symbolic meaning of a Turtle?

In the Feng-Shui system of Qi (the so-called invisible forces that bind the universe, earth, and humanity together in Chinese culture), tortoises are considered a good luck symbol too. They are also one of the four ‘sacred animals’ (along with the dragon, unicorn, and phoenix). Many believe that turtles have the power to ward off bad magic and, because they can live for a very long time they symbolise hope and a long life. Turtles are also said to be a link between heaven and earth and, in ancient cultures, are often seen carrying the world on their backs or supporting the heavens.

Tortoise representing world

Tortoise charm for good luck

So, slow down, take it easy, for surely with a lucky turtle or tortoise charm, good fortune will arrive very soon. (See our ♥  Good Luck Gift shop store   for tortoise jewellery / turtle charms / tortoise figurine / turtle necklace / tortoise gifts.)

The auspicious turtle: For a long and lucky life!