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Are you looking for a religious Christmas present – an inspirational gift with Christian meaning to pass on your best wishes at Xmas? Why not give a Camino Christmas gift – a Camino-inspired gift of Santiago de Compostela? Ideal for pilgrims, but also for other intrepid travellers.

We hail from Spain, a strongly Christian country (although, like many places around the world, less fervent these days). And in Spain, a Catholic country, Christmas is as much about los Reyes Magos – the Three Kings, as about Christmas Day, especially amongst the children.

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The Kings are the ones who bring the presents . . but not until the eve of January 6th. Indeed, Christmas Day itself, is not such a big event, only that it follows the big feast on Christmas Eve / Nochebuena.

Christian Christmas presents

Yes, January 6th is the date these Three Wise Men gave their gifts to baby Jesus in the stable in Bethlehem, having travelled following the star from the East. This is the start of the feast of Epiphany: Traditionally, shoes were filled with straw or barley and placed by the door in high expectation of the tired camels and their riders bearing the all important Christmas gifts. Nowadays, it is more likely to be caramelos / sweets or biscuits than straw! – and we have a lot of more general  ♥ CHRISTMAS PRESENTS  with meaning in our online shop.


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Don’t feel sorry for the children in Spain having to wait so long for their presents – in reality, their Christmas season (like in many Catholic countries around the world) begins on the 8th of December with the feast of the Immaculate Conception. Then, on Christmas Eve, 24th December, as the stars come out, and people finish their main meal of the festive season, they go to Midnight Mass or into the streets to celebrate (ostensibly, the arrival of Christ, although like everything in Spain, the party or fiesta itself is the key factor!)

Religious Christmas gifts?

Christmas or Navidad is a time of spiritual renewal and these days, even in Spain, it is commonplace for Father Christamas / Papá Noel to visit and leave a few gifts for the lucky ones on the night before Christmas Day – some religious, others not.

Camino Christmas gifts

So why not bring some inspirational cheer to your friends this Christmas with some of our Christian Christmas gifts – many with symbols based on the famous Camino de Santiago in the north of Spain – where we have a strong association. Many of our Camino Christmas presents actually come from Santiago de Compostela, or nearby in Galicia, or Asturias – and much of the Camino jewellery is hand-crafted by local artisans in the region. These goldsmiths / silversmiths feel passionately about their craft and their jewellery pieces make lovely religious Christmas presents. These are Christian Christmas gifts with a difference – something with real significance – especially at this time of year.

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