Spanish pottery and ceramics

Typical Spanish pottery, Andalusian ceramics, authentic and traditional Spanish ceramic wall plates and tableware, and Mediterranean style dinnerware

What are the different types of Spanish pottery, designs and ceramics?

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Throughout Spain, the ceramics and pottery has been strongly influenced by its history – in particular, by it’s neighbours and its conquerers: The Romans, the Visigoths and, most notably the Arabs, who have all stamped their impression onto Spain and Spanish things. Muslim rule existed for almost 800 years, from 711 to 1250. Then, as the Christians re-conquered the peninsular, the Catholics similarly cast their spell over Spain’s developing culture – as did Spain’s conquest of South and Central (Latin) America. Top regions for ceramics include Toledo, Talavera de la Reina, Sevilla, Malaga, Granada and Úbeda. Plus, in Catalonia they manufacture hand-finished ceramic figurines in the style of Antoni Gaudi), and Valencia is home to Ceraplat and Lladró, the internationally-famous fine porcelain company who, to this day, keep the constituents of their fine-porcelain clay a closely guarded secret..

Spanish ceramic wall plate
Spanish ceramic wall plate with Indalo symbol

Spanish ceramics and tableware

In much of the ♥  Spanish ceramic pottery in our Good Luck Gift Shop  store (especially that of Andalucía and Valencia), you can see the presence of the Moors of North Africa who have greatly influenced its culture – especially in the southernmost states or comunidades such as in Andalucía. The decorated plates in particular from the Alpujarras in Granada province, from Nijar in Almería, and from Málaga and Sevilla, are full of vibrant colour and character. Here, family-run pottery factories have existed for generations. Even today, much of the Spanish pottery and ceramics is hand-crafted by artisans so that each piece is unique – plates, vases, dishes, wine pitchers, and so on.

Typical Spanish ceramic plate Andalucia
Typical Spanish plate of Andalucía

Mediterranean ceramics

The Mediterranean lifestyle in this, the hottest part of Spain, is evident in these Spanish ceramics and can remind foreigners of holidays in the sun, sandy beaches that seem to stretch for miles, and afternoons with a cool San Miguel beer or a glass of red Rioja, savouring the view whilst enjoying a tapas of Jamón ibérico, manchego cheese and maybe some chorizo, almonds and olives.

In particular, we stock a variety of Granada ceramics, and pottery from Almería – especially the Spanish pottery figurines which features Almería’s lucky symbol – the Indalo.

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We also stock some finer porcelain from further north in Valencia, which is more refined in style.

Spanish pottery bowls Andalus

These delightful little handmade Spanish dishes exude the flavour of Mediterranean Spain. They are decorated with a mix of vibrant red, orange and yellow with soft olive-green and pretty yellow detailing – each one individually handpainted in Andalucia, southern Spain. They are made from the local clay of the area and have a lovely rustic quality.

Spanish figurines

They say that “a thing of beauty is a joy for ever”. Well, up in Barcelona, you can find intricately-fashioned Spanish figurines in the form of animals, hand-painted in the Catalan modernist style (a form of architectural art seen all over Barcelona). The figurines are finished in dazzling colours to produce a beautiful and uniquely-crafted work of art which make for great Spanish gifts and souvenirs.

Please read about some of these lovely ♥ Ceramic art pieces from Catalonia  ♥

Ceramic mosaic art Catalonia

Authentic Spanish ceramics

Many of the designs and patterns on traditional Spanish pottery ceramics have existed for centuries – and many of the alfarerías (pottery workshops) date back generations – with skills handed down father to son. Much of the Hispano-Moresque ceramic pottery from Al Andalus (the old Muslim Spain of Andalucía), is still made in this traditional way and one can sometimes visit the workshops in the small village pueblos and observe the artisan potters at work and see the ladies meticulously painting the red clay earthenware plates, etc, before glazing. Consequently, it is very rare to find two identical pieces. Yes, they work to a generalised pattern, but clearly they have an artistic licence to express themselves individually with each ceramic piece.

Indalo ceramic plate
Spanish pottery tableware

A lot of Spanish ceramics and pottery is renowned for its bright, vibrant colours and patterns – reflecting the style and way of life of Mediterranean Spain. Many of the designs and patterns have existed for centuries and are part of the Spanish culture and tradition. For example, Hispano-Moresque ceramic-ware is a style of pottery created in “Al Andalus” or Muslim Spain, which has continued to be produced in what is now predominantly Christian Spain. At first centred on Malaga in the south, and using typical Islamic decoration, by the 15th century the largest production area was around Valencia on the east coast, and around Barcelona in Catalunia. Pottery wares from Manises, Paterna and other Valencian towns were mainly for the local market, but are now exported all over the world.

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Spanish pottery bowls fishes

Our Spanish pottery / ceramics reflect the Mediterranean lifestyle and culture of Spain – especially Andalucía, and make great Spanish gifts