Lucky Indalo + Jade necklace for wellness

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. . a gift of love to encourage strength, confidence, health and good fortune

This pretty Jade and Indalo heart necklace consists of a mixture of Jade chips in soft greens and earthy colours interspersed with silver-coloured beads on a 2mm-wide black cord, plus a sterling-silver Indalo heart. It fastens with a silver-plated lobster clasp with a 2" extender chain finished with a small chip of Jade. The sterling-silver Indalo heart pendant features as the centrepiece.

- The Indalo symbol is steeped in history and is said to have magical powers to offer protection from harm, and bring prosperity, wellness and good fortune.

- Jade promotes energy and longevity

)- Gift-Wrapped

:)- Optional information card about the Indalo (free)

:)- Personal message can be added

:)- Rapid shipping

An ideal gift to express long-term commitment and extend wishes for health and good fortune.

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JADE: The multiple coloured gemstone of Eternity, Longevity, and Energy
Jade is believed to increase body strength, energy and longevity - being worshiped in times gone by for its life-extending powers. The perfect present for that special event requiring strength. Black Jade is thought to be a strong protector from negative energy. Orange and Yellow Jade convey the gift of inner peace, joy and happiness. Lavender Jade is said to put people in touch with their emotions, and assist in honest communication and self control. Brown Jade is said to connect people with Mother Earth and is given as a Housewarming present, or when changing Jobs, because it is thought to aid adjustment to a new environment. Blue Jade is especially to bring luck to people who feel overwhelmed or under stress in their lives. Red Jade is used to defuse tense situations.
Jade is the perfect present to give for many special occasions such as Retirement, or for an event like a trip to the Hospital or for an Operation because, despite helping in stressful situations, it is supposed to increase sustenance and body strength and so help to promote longevity.

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