Orthoceras fossil pendant

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A special gift for insight, and to balance the emotions

This Orthoceras charm comes from Morocco just across the Mediterranean sea from Spain. Locally, it is worn as a talisman because many believe it reduces stress, gives insight, and promotes success - especially in business matters.

Orthoceras are actually ancient fossils of the extinct cephalopod . . a type of nautiloid. But, unlike the nautilus that still lives today, it was straight-shelled, not curved - hence the shape. It has been highly polished to give a smooth but cool feel.

The ancient nature of this charm (something that actually lived 400 million years ago) and it's beautiful natural pattern, makes this a truly striking piece of jewellery - combining the wonder of the past with the modernity of the 21st Century.

Description: These are natural fossils and therefore sizes vary but on average measure approx 3.5cms long (without the ring) and hang on a smart 18" sterling silver snake chain. 20" chain also available, please choose. Comes gift-wrapped, like all our presents - and we can add a personal message on your behalf

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