What are the best Gifts to wish Good Health, Wellness, Fitness, and Wellbeing? See our other healthy gift ideas for him and her

This is the theory behind the GIFTS for GOOD HEALTH and WELLNESS in our SHOP online:

General wellness is the key to good health (including things like fitness, self-care, a good diet, a strong immune system, and so on, as well as a certain amount of luck and good fortune as we go through life). And a healthy body includes a healthy mind.

Gift for good health - bracelet

What sort of presents can promote self-care for better health and fitness?

As individual human beings, we need to maintain wellness and good health. Looking after yourself, eating sensibly, and keeping fit as much as is possible, have got to be key factors. But rather than offering health gifts like vitamin pills, exercise equipment, diet plans, etc, we decided to offer gifts that REMIND us to live healthily and stay healthy – little somethings that can be gifted to a friend or loved-one for their birthday, anniversary, Fathers Day, Mothers Day, Christmas, a Journey, etc, to say “ Stay Well”

There are many things that can influence our health and wellbeing, not least having good finances and social relationships, career satisfaction, belonging to a ‘community’ and having a sense of purpose in life. Plus, diet, exercise and fitness, a good environment, low pollution, and getting sufficient rest are important too – as is avoiding infectious diseases, bacteria, viruses and so on.

But in our SHOP we decided to concentrate more on the mental aspect of good health and wellness, rather than the purely physical. Presents such as this can have symbolic meaning and so fulfil a primary task of REMINDING someone to live a health life wherever possible. A gift for good health and wellness can be just such a reminder of good health aims / goals and desires: It doesn’t make you more healthy per se . . it merely expresses a DESIRE to be healthy – a “representation” of good health practices and concepts: As such, it acts as a powerful aide-memoire to adhere to the principles of a healthy lifestyle wherever possible . . a little something that can easily be gifted to a friend, relative or work colleague.

In a book by Dr. Bob Cutillo, “Pursuing Health In An Anxious Age”, we are encouraged to seek a wiser pursuit of health than pure physical well-being and medicine. Dr Cutillo notes that there is a thin line between medicine, wellness and faith. Accordingly, he comes up with the idea that health is really a gift – and not something we ‘own’ as a possession to control and protect, but rather, a gift which is given to us afresh every day and something that comes as much from the mind as from the physical body.

Gifts to say Take Care in our shop

Many of our gifts are based on religious or Christian symbols and values, and are therefore suitable for spiritually-minded people who are looking for meaningful jewellery – either for themselves (for their OWN fitness and wellbeing) or as a gift to pass on their message to a friend or loved-one to say Take Care and Be Healthy. Individually we are all responsible for maintaining (or improving) our wellness. But can we really gift good health to someone else? We think that one of our Gifts for Good Health and Wellness can definitely help. And here are some examples:

Health Bands (or Good Health bracelets)

(SEE Health Band bracelets and other GIFTS to WISH SOMEONE GOOD HEALTH in our SHOP)

For the time being, forget about all the diet plans, the whole-foods, the medicines, the vaccines . . even the fitness programmes too. If you want to give someone a lasting gift for good health, try appealing to their emotions: Try giving them a gift that strikes a chord in their consciousness and so REMINDS them to live healthily every day: This truly can be a gift for life: Each day, they can wake up, see the Gift for Good Health (such as one of our health bracelets) and think: “Oh, I must remember to do X,Y,Z today and keep on top of my health”. The ins-and-outs of how they actually do this can come later (and anyway, it will largely depend on the individual person and their specific circumstances as to how they can (or will) achieve their good health goals). But the important moment has occurred and they have actually started to think about their gift of good health – and how to look after it. Our HEALTH BAND BRACELETS are typical in this respect.

Inspirational Jewellery

Some of the best wellbeing gifts are actually items of INSPIRATIONAL JEWELLERY and many of the health and wellness gifts in our SHOP are based on ancient beliefs (some religious, others not) as well as lucky charms and talismans – even for people who are not very superstitious or religious. Whatever someone’s beliefs, little gifts to friends and loved ones (like INSPIRATIONAL JEWELLERY for example) can actually encourage people to stay well. The power of the mind to heal the body is well-known, and what better way to express your love and concern for the wellbeing of a friend or loved-one than with a small gift for good health and wellness.

At one time, it was believed that if someone had some sort of illness, they could be cured by placing them on the beach when the tide was coming in. When the water receded, it was thought that the waves would have carried away their sickness. This might sound strange, but lots of the “old cures” had some sort of logic behind them – even if that logic was simply a strong BELIEF that the designated cure would work. How many people these days say “Bless You!” when someone sneezes – an automatic reaction to an age-old belief in ‘other powers’.

A lot of people have faith in their religion, and religious-based gifts, wishes and prayers are as strong today as they’ve ever been. And much of the inspirational jewellery in our shop to say Get Well Soon, or to wish luck in Hospital or with an Operation, or for general wellness, is based on ancient religious symbols and beliefs.

Get Well Soon gifts

Gifts to say GET WELL SOON are probably more about emotion and psychology rather than physicality. For example, flowers have no physical benefits whatsoever but they do make people feel good. The same could be said for chocolates, biscuits and other eats and treats, but they are not always recommended from a pure health point of view. Cards, and gifts such as jewellery, work from the psychological point of view and function to lift the spirits which can be good for someone’s wellbeing.

Here at The Good Luck Gift Shop we have concentrated on jewellery with meaning – particularly spiritual or religious / Christian FAITH JEWELLERY . In times of worry, people often turn to their faith as a means of finding solace – and we have quite a few Gifts of Faith and Faith Jewellery in out online gift shop. Our Wellness Gifts for Good Health say: “I’m thinking of you – Stay Healthy, Stay Well”

Self-care gifts

Jewellery might not actually aid wellness, healthiness, and fitness, per se (and certainly not in the physical sense) but when given as a gift it shows that you care: And the fact that you are thinking of someone can cheer them up: Positiveness goes a long way towards health and wellness. Wellbeing gifts such as this can certainly help with SELF-CARE and, as a present, can make someone smile and feel better, which could be a positive influence on their overall wellbeing. In many ways this can be associated with mindfulness too – the silent meditation of current thoughts, sounds and sensations, making yourself aware of “the moment” without interpretation or judgment.

The self-care gifts and wellness presents in our shop are ideal for this because they are based on the mental / psychological aspect of the body – and so make presents with real meaning to wish better health and wellness.

In particular, as regards Gifts for Good health and Wellness, we would like to recommend our simple Health Band bracelets which are specifically aimed at encouraging the concept of good health. In this respect, each one is packed with an inspirational information card entitled “Be Healthy” and thus fulfils its primary task of being a Good Health bracelet . . that is, when worn on the wrist, it acts as a constant reminder of good health aims, goals and desires – a subtle prod to the subconscious throughout the day to say “Be Healthy today!” This is a great gift to pass on your good health wishes.

The Health Bracelet is nothing inherently healthy in itself – it doesn’t make someone more healthy per se . . it is simply a reminder to adhere to the principles of a healthy lifestyle wherever possible:

Healthy gifts for him – Health Bands – ideal gift for health-conscious man

We sell various styles and patterns of Health Bracelets, and many are handmade using a type of macrame knotting that can be traced back more than 2000 years to Tibet in 500 BC. In some ways they resemble a friendship bracelet (although most of ours are waxed and knotted nylon and so are much tougher and stronger). All our Health Bands are unisex which means they can be worn by both males or females, being popular as much amongst young teenagers as well as with the older generation. So they make an ideal gift to tell your boyfriend, husband, father, son or friend just how much they mean to you . . in particular, with regard to their health. It makes a present with real meaning.

Healthy gifts for her too – many based on faith

We have gifts for girls and ladies too (wife, girlfriend, mother, daughter or friend / colleague). Some people look to religion and their faith for comfort and reassurance: “Dear God, Please keep my family, friends, and loved ones safe” is a common prayer by mothers for protection of family and friends in the Christian faith. However, asking a young teenager to “Take care” can sometimes be a bit ineffective or futile: But, a little health and wellness gift to encourage self-care as the youngster leaves the home can have a more poignant and permanent significance: It is hoped that the recipient will be REMINDED of their own good health goals, and encouraged to find moments to think about the things that make them happy and well each day. Give someone a little “Healthy Gift” and you are willing them to be well with both confidence and expectation.

An ideal gift to wish someone good health

Of course, staying healthy physically helps you to stay healthy emotionally too. If you are eating good food and keeping fit, your body will be strong and help you to fight illness and cope with stress. Which, once again, is where our Gifts for Good health and Wellness come in: As a gentle REMINDER to act healthily each day.

Everyone has stress but it is how we react to it that matters, and the most unhelpful thing we can do is to turn to something un-healthy to try and cope (such as smoking or drinking). So perhaps our little Health Bracelets could help in this respect too – by enabling us to take control, and further encouraging us (and our friends and loved-ones if given as a gift) to invoke good health practices, aspirations and goals.

SEE Health Bracelets in our SHOP – an ideal GIFT TO WISH GOOD HEALTH :

It has been reported that some people feel less stressed and healthier wearing one of our good health bracelets . . and although this is probably a placebo effect, it is undoubtedly true that there is power in a thought made positive by a gift such as this – being a constant reminder of purpose and desires. In other words, our Health Band is not a “good health” thing per se, it merely expresses a DESIRE to be healthy – a “representation” of good health practices and concepts, and therefore a powerful REMINDER to live healthily every day.

Not just a gift – encourage your OWN good health with our healthy gift Ideas for YOUR OWN wellness

Our HEALTH BRACELETS make great aide-memoires from a PERSONAL point of view too, so you could buy one for YOURSELF – to help with your OWN good health goals. They are also ideal as Wellness Gifts for health fanatics 😉

What are the best health-conscious gifts that you can give to enhance the life of your loved ones?

In conclusion: Help encourage the health goals of someone close to you, and show them that you really care with a one of our Health Band bracelets – a meaningful little wellness gift. All our gifts are sent gift-wrapped (with an information card), and we can print a personal message on your behalf. This is possibly the BEST WELLNESS GIFT you can give to someone who wants to focus on self-care this year because the best healthy gift you can give a friend or loved-one who is looking for better health, is ENCOURAGEMENT, and our Health Bands and other Gifts for Good Health are intended to do just that 🙂

Also see our GET WELL SOON GIFTS which includes INSPIRATIONAL JEWELLERY for friends and loved-ones needing a positive Health boost

Wellness jewellery or Get Well Soon gift - Guardian Angel necklace

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A Guardian Angel to watch over those who are dear to you

Everyone needs a Guardian Angel to watch over them - especially when they are feeling a bit under the weather; and many people believe in the protecting power of Angels and their ability to bring good fortune to difficult or bad situations. Send this Guardian Angel to watch over your friends and loved-ones, and help give them a feeling of protection and wellness.

Protection and wellness jewellery such as this can help us be more aware of the things that affect us on a day-to-day basis - or things that make us feel unsafe or unwell: It's the perfect gift to pass on wishes of protection and good health because it can act as a constant reminder of goals and desires. It doesn’t necessarily make someone more healthy or safe per se but it can act as a constant reminder to look after ourselves when trying to adhere to the principles of a careful and healthy lifestyle.

:)- Gift-Wrapped

:)- Optional information card about guardian Angels (free)

:)- Personal message can be added

:)- Rapid shipping

Detail: The small Angel charm measures approx 0.5” / 1.2cm and is made of iridescent steel which is uniquely engineered so that it changes colour as it is moved in the light (see photos). It hangs on a thin (1mm) 16” cable chain with 2” extender. Necklace material: Gold-plated-steel OR Iridescent-steel. Please choose in Options box.

This Angel necklace signifies both protection and safekeeping and is a great way to pass on your feelings of concern and well-being to a friend or loved-one . . a wonderful little present for someone you care about. Comes gift-wrapped, like all our presents - with an optional gift card - and we can print a personal message on your behalf.


More information about Guardian Angels . .


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