Can good health be augmented by faith in charms on jewellery? Strangely, it appears so, and Health Jewellery really can help with wellbeing. Read on:

In our SHOP we stock faith charms that are prevalent in our Jewellery for Health. Discover why people’s beliefs in these symbols might work to improve their wellbeing and good health:

Yin Yang jewellery for health
Jewellery for Health and Wellbeing

Does wearing jewellery have health benefits?

From a purely physical point of view, it is our immune system which protects us against infection, illness and poor health. But, as many people realise, it is more complicated than that and indeed, the human body has another line of defence against all the bad things out there like bacteria, fungi and viruses: Our mind!

The power of the mind to influence the body is well-known and, in particular, many Christians believe that God can heal sick people through the power of the Holy Spirit. But pre-Christian Romans had an expression: “Mens sana in corpore sano” meaning “a healthy mind for a healthy body”. In other words, in order to and keep fit and healthy (and disease-free), they thought it necessary to look after more than their bodies: They needed to look at their minds . . and in those days that meant being cognisant of their beliefs. For example, back then, some people thought that, if a person had some sort of illness, they could be cured by placing them on the beach when the tide was coming in. When the water receded, they thought that the waves would carry away their sickness.

This might sound strange, but lots of the old cures had some sort of logic behind them – even if that logic was simply a strong belief that the designated cure would work. How many people these days say “Bless You” when someone sneezes – an automatic reaction to an age-old belief in ‘other powers’. And one must not forget the so-called Placebo Effect which has a strong influence on good health.

In most cases, an element of faith is involved and an awful lot of people around the world put faith in their religion: Religious-based necklaces, bracelets and earrings are as common today as they’ve ever been. And much of the health jewellery in our SHOP is based on these ancient religious symbols and beliefs.

So what we are really saying is that Jewellery for Health is, in effect, Jewellery for Faith. Countless people put their trust in a symbol of faith at times of crisis and to help give themselves a feeling of wellbeing and confidence.

But can good health really be enhanced by believing in symbolic charms on jewellery?

The principle of belief applies to all faiths across the globe, both spiritual and secular. It is this faith that is actually the important factor. People expect faith charms to work and it has long been shown that, if you believe in something strongly enough, more often than not, it can help with your problems. And many people think that there’s a power in a thought made concrete by a symbolic charm, being a constant reminder of purpose and desire, and an inspiration to succeed. Henry Ford wrote, “If you think you can, you can. And if you think you can’t . . you’re right!”

There are many who feel that a faith charm of some description can help them avoid the bad things in life . . whether that be ill-health, financial matters, their love life, or indeed life in general, and many so-called health charms are based on symbols of protection (particularly those from Asia and the Far East), or on religious beliefs such as in the Christian faith. In the latter, the symbols of Saints, Angels and the Cross are relied upon for salvation from illness and poor health on a daily basis.

Aside from Christianity, in North America we can still see the Spiral Sun of the Native American Indians which has been venerated as a healing symbol for centuries. Equally important to many North American Indian tribes, is the so-called Sand Painting . . used by the Navajos, but also by Aborigines in Australia, and the monks in Tibet.

In the Far East we find the Yin-Yang symbol of equilibrium to resolve health problems related to imbalances in lifestyle. And in central Asia it is common to find the Hamsa Hand of Healing. Equally, Europe has many symbols on jewellery that date back centuries.

But few symbols exist that are as widely recognised or hold as much meaning as the Cross. It is used worldwide to symbolise Christianity . . and faith in positive outcomes.

But can a protection symbol like the cross really help people to maintain or improve their health?

The answer to this question is undoubtedly yes: Many, many people wear jewellery to help give themselves a feeling of confidence and wellbeing – putting their trust in a symbol of their faith. Here are just a few of the symbols you will find on the Jewellery for Health in our SHOP :

Which jewellery is good for health?

The Lotus leaf is a symbol of enlightenment, self-regeneration and of overcoming difficulties – especially with regards to health. And the Lotus flower implies rebirth, being indicative of inner strength and determination to overcome any difficulties: It is a symbol of new beginnings, as well as representing wellness and long life, implying attainment of peace and happiness through good health.

In the Middle East, it is common to see the Hamsa – a palm-shaped amulet used in many societies and said to offer protection against the evil eye and help strengthen the vulnerable. It represents blessings, power and strength and is therefore a popular wellness charm in many religions.

In the Far East, a symbol most commonly encountered in relation to health and wellbeing is the Yin-Yang which represents the concept of harmony – two aspects in a single reality. It emphasises how much someone should appreciate balance in life and their concerns for their health and wellness.

Plus, also from this part of the world, you will come across the principle of Shamballa which is said to impart peace and calm when someone is facing new challenges, and shield them from stress (and the illness this can cause).

In southern Spain they like the Indalo symbol of protection – believed by some to not only protect them from natural disasters but also from things that might be bad for their business, their wealth . . and their health.

Does jewellery really have healing properties?

Many people admit that there’s power in a thought made positive by a meaningful charm, being a constant reminder of purpose and desires, and even simple symbolic talismans based on belief can play a part.

Take the Guardian Angel concept, for example : It is said to be a spirit that watches over and protects a person or place, and many people believe in the protecting power of Angels and their ability to bring good fortune to difficult or bad situations. It makes perfect jewellery for health when added to a necklace, bracelet or earrings either as a symbolic Angel – or the equally demonstrative Angel Wings which signify protection and safekeeping. This principle applies in the same way to the concept of a Patron Saint too.

What are the health benefits of wearing traditional jewellery?

As mentioned, the cross has had significant meaning for thousands of years, in particular with regard to the Christian faith. When featured on necklaces, bracelets and earrings it can be termed “traditional jewellery”. In our SHOP you will find a great deal of traditional faith jewellery like this, featuring the cross of St James, the Tau cross, the Caravaca cross and the simple Latin Cross.

Christianity also makes use of the Shell symbol, as seen in profusion along El Camino de Santiago.

Lourdes water jewellery also relates to Christian beliefs of healing and protection: Many believe that Lourdes water imparts a feeling of wholeness and calmness, especially in bad times of illness and despair.

And we mustn’t forget Gemstones because many people believe that gemstones can help them change the way they feel about themselves. For example, Jade is said to increase energy and body strength: It was worshiped in times gone by for its life-extending powers and, to this day it is known as the gemstone of eternity, longevity, and energy.

See our SHOP below for which jewellery is good for health . . in our opinion 😉

Health-shield necklace with shell

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A powerful gift of faith as a wellness symbol to say " Stay Healthy "

“Mens sana in corpore sano” is a famous Latin expression implying “a healthy mind for a healthy body” suggesting that, in order to keep fit and healthy we need to look after more than our body: We need to look at our minds . . and our beliefs.

This health protection necklace combines the protecting symbols of the Shield with that of the Shell, to help lift the spirits and give faith to friends and loved-ones: Shells are a symbol of birth, good fortune, resurrection . . and protection. In addition, in Christianity, the scallop shell is also the symbol of salvation (as witnessed by its ceremonial use in baptism) and, of course, is also worn by Christians to show completion of the pilgrimage to the shrine of Saint James in Santiago, northern Spain.

The Shield is likewise a protector symbol, whether against actual physical harm, or for protection against bad things in general (in a symbolic way), and the so-called "Shield of Faith" is well-known in Christian theology.

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Description: This Health-Shield pendant is made of highly-polished stainless-steel and is 23mm long (32mm including the hanging bail), by 25mm wide. It hangs on a stainless-steel ball chain which measures 50cm (19.5") in length - but it can easily be shortened by clipping the end of the chain where it goes into the open-clasp fitting (see image). The attached scallop shell is a bonded 14ct gold-filled charm. OPTION for SMALLER shield (possibly more suitable for Lady / Woman / Girl) - See "You may also like" below.

The concept of symbols on talismans and amulets touches on spirituality and can be seen in many icons of protection and healing around the world. In the Christian faith for example, symbols of saints, angels and the cross are relied upon for salvation from illness and poor health on a daily basis: Countless people put their trust in a symbol of faith at times of crisis to help give themselves a feeling of well being.

Gift this impressive Health-Shield necklace to inspire your friends and loved-ones to live healthily every day: An ideal way to wish someone good health. Gift-wrapped (with an optional information card) like all our presents - and we can print a personal message on your behalf.


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