Jewellery for positivity and encouragement is special because it inspires people to succeed, giving them hope and confidence to achieve their goals

But why buy inspirational jewellery from us?

Inspirational jewellery for encouragement
Inspirational jewellery for encouragement and inspiration

Why is the jewellery in our SHOP any more inspiring than anyones else’s?

The main reason is that each piece of our motivational jewellery possess real provenance, with a symbolism that really does mean something to millions of people around the world, based on their faiths and beliefs going back centuries (whether that be religious, spiritual or indeed, secular). Our jewellery is both inspirational and motivational – sending messages of encouragement and belief to friends to help them to achieve their goals and dreams and to get what they want.

So what does jewellery mean to people?

We stock a lot of Christian jewellery (particularly that emanating from Spain) like the cross of St James and the Caravaca Cross, as well as jewellery featuring the concha scallop shell of the Camino de Santiago. We also stock jewellery featuring St Michael, the Tau cross of St Francis, St Christopher, Lourdes water, Guardian Angel charms, etc.

We also offer more secular, non-religious or temporal jewellery like our gemstone jewellery: Agate, for example, is said to encourage perception and concentration, and stimulate someone’s analytical capabilities to help them succeed. Carnelian was believed by the Romans to shore up confidence and strength. Citrine is thought to help manifest goals. Larimar is said to help with stress, anxiety and phobias and some people wear it when they feel they want to take back control of their lives or make a new start. Sodalite is believed to enhance self-esteem.

And we stock necklaces, bracelets and earrings featuring inspirational charms such as Butterflies, SeaHorses, the Yin-Yang symbol, Dream and Faith tokens, lucky Horseshoes, Shamballa bracelets and so on.

How is jewellery self-expression? How does it encourage people?

The word “encourage” comes from the Latin prefix “en” (which means “to put into”) combined with the word “cor” (which means “heart”). In other words, jewellery for encouragement and positivity is intended to put something into the heart so that the person wearing it has faith and truly BELIEVES within themselves that something is possible: It inspires positivity and inspiration for them to succeed in their goals. It is jewellery for positive energy and empowerment.

But what does the jewellery symbolise?

  • Inspirational jewellery can say “Come on, you can do it!”
  • Jewellery for positivity offers encouragement and can say “You’re worth it”
  • Motivational jewellery offers inspiration and support
  • Symbolic jewellery can recognise an achievement (or a milestone along the way to a goal)
  • Inspiration jewellery speaks to the soul and uplifts the spirits, providing hope and offering encouragement

Jewellery for positivity can therefore help people with negative feelings, giving them hope when they are down and making them think about the things that are really important in their lives.

For this reason, jewellery for positivity, inspiration and encouragement makes an ideal gift: It is symbolic jewellery for positive energy, inspiration, encouragement, caring, affection, support and appreciation . . to help friends and loved-ones get the things they want. It can encourage positive change for the good – and receiving encouragement can make a big difference to someone’s life, giving them the incentive to be successful and achieve their goals.

PLUS: Every piece of the jewellery in our SHOP is available with an information card about its symbolism:

It reminds people of their purpose and desires in their lives – inspiring them to do their best, no matter what obstacles get in their way.

So, when you are struggling to find suitable words of inspiration and positive reinforcement for a friend or loved-one, a small piece of our inspirational jewellery for positivity passes on your message of support (without the need for an inspirational quote) to help give them more courage and hope.

Even though sometimes as friends we don’t know how or what to say to someone who is down or a bit washed-out and lacking success in life, an inspirational gift can give them that extra lift by showing them that you really care and want to support them. It has been proven to help people feel better about their situation, helping them blossom and achieve their dreams.

The spiritual meaning of the symbolic jewellery in our SHOP means that it can be inspirational jewellery with positive energy: