Día de Santiago

25th July 2018 – the Day of St James in Galicia and Spain

The 25th of July is Día de Santiago – the Day of Santiago, in Spain . . . and a big fiesta in Galicia in the northwest of the country where St James (Sant Iago) is the Patron Saint – “el Patrón”: 25 julio 2018 es Fiesta de Santiago Apóstol y Día festivo.

It is of great interest to ourselves in our ♥  Gift Shop  because the Saint James cross symbol features on much of our ♥  CAMINO de SANTIAGO JEWELLERY  .

Saint James is actually the Patron Saint of the whole of Spain, but the biggest celebrations take part in Galicia and in particular in the city of Santiago de Compostela – and not solely on this day but during the whole fortnight July 15th-31st.

July 24th and the 25th are the two main days: On the night of July 24th there is an impressive firework display in honour of St James, and there is a large bonfire. Then on July 25th, High Mass is held in the Cathedral, during which the famous (and spectacular) “botafumeiro” (a giant thurible or censer) is set swinging back and forth down the isle enveloping the whole Cathedral in a mystical halo.

There is music, dancing (including open-air dances), and processions through the streets and you can see the colourful regional costumes.

Fiesta in Spain.jpg

Of course, the city is full of Pilgrims who have completed the famous Camino de Santiago – the Way of St James, and there is a general party atmosphere.

The symbol of St James is the St James Cross – la Cruz de Santiago, a distinct-shaped cross with flourished arms and one of the traditional symbols of El Camino – along with the Concha Scallop shell, and both feature strongly on ♥ Camino de Santiago jewellery .

On El Camino de Santiago

See the shell on this person’s back-pack?

Many people walking El Camino into Santiago de Compostela carry a symbolic concha shell or St James cross

Wishing friends and loved-ones Good Luck

Good Luck wishes

Hi. You probably don’t need us to tell you that there are many occasions for which we want to wish someone “Good Luck”. For example, when someone we know is:

Going travelling on a trip or an arduous journey or

Moving house into a new home (and perhaps we would like to give them a small housewarming present too).

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As a society we also often wish Good Luck to friends or loved-ones who are:

* Applying for a new job or a promotion

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* Going for a new job or other interview

* Entering into a competition, or taking part in an important game or match

. . and so on.

We all do this all the time. It could be simply when someone we know is:

* Starting a new business or a new venture, or something else new, and we want to wish them well in their future endeavours, their new start or their new beginnings.

But it could be for something more serious, like a friend or loved-one who is about to enter hospital for surgery or an operation and we want to wish them Good Luck with that.

Yes, whatever the event (and there are many) we like to wish our friends and/or relatives Good Luck, wellBeing, safekeeping and success achieving their goals. We do it all the time.

So a little Good Luck gift is very appropriate . . a present that really does mean something.

And that is what we do, in our  Good Luck Gift Shop !

Lucky charm angel necklace
Jewellery to wish luck and safety on a trip

Over the years (more than 10 now) during which we have run our Good Luck Gift shop in its various forms, symbolic jewellery has been very popular in this respect. We established our gift shop in Spain (we now have a base in the UK too) and so a lot of our gifts are Spanish or have a Spanish / Mediterranean influence and symbolism. For example: Camino de Santiago jewellery, which is hugely popular, or gifts featuring the lucky Indalo Man of Andalucía, and other jewellery featuring Christian symbols like crosses, for example (St James, Cruz de Caravaca, and the St Francis or Tau Cross).

So, if you enjoy what they call in England “continental Europe” and its lifestyle (and especially that of Spain . . from the Mediterranean coasts of Andalucía to deep inside the rural heartlands of Castilla La Mancha, Aragon, la Rioja and of course Asturias and Galicia (the home of El Camino de Santiago, the Way of St James), then we have a gift for you! The blazing vibrancy of Andalucía is typified by it’s colourful ceramics. And of course we have the little Indalo Man good luck symbol: Even today, in the small village pueblos that lie hidden behind the giant sierras that roll down to the Mediterranean Sea, the Indalo is known for its good luck qualities.

Our online shop is full of spiritual jewellery too . . gifts of faith, and other meaningful presents that make ideal gifts to wish someone Good Luck or bid them well if they are attempting something difficult or new, or if they are going-away travelling on a trip (and to wish them safekeeping on their journey), and success in their future ventures.

Ladybird earrings for luck

So if you are looking for gifts with real meaning – and gifts with soul . . that can pass on your sentiments for Good Luck, we have just the gift for you! We are, after all, The Good Luck Gift Shop! and we would be very happy to welcome you in our  store  ¡Bienvenido!