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Backpack taxis now available from Roncesvalles

Well this is an interesting bit of news from our Good Luck Gift Shop !

For quite a while it has been possible while walking (or biking) El Camino, to send some of your “luggage” by Correos – the Post Office. But in the past, their have been delays, which has prompted the birth of a new Taxi-based system.

Camino Comodo taxi

A group of Taxi drivers have got together to form a chain connection for luggage through France and across the northern part of Spain into Galicia – each one handing over the bags to the next at a particular stage on the route – just like the old stage-coaches.

The phased delivery system guarantees that pilgrims can dispose of their luggage when they depart their lodgings / hostal, confident that it will arrive at their next destination in time for their next nights stay.

Camino Comodo van

The promoter of the initiative says that complaints of the pilgrims for the delay in the delivery of backpacks by Correos was what encouraged him to establish the taxi business. Now there are seven such services operating along the Jacobean route, Der Jakobsweg, including Correos. The cost is three euros per bag, per stage.

Walking the Camino – with the help of a Taxi!